Uncanny: This 19th Century Automaton Will Give You Nightmares

Posted by on October 5, 2015

The uncanny valley can be a terrifying place – a place of strange dolls, unsettling computer animation, and people who just look off. But how deep does the valley go?

I think I may have found the bottom.

Cast your gaze upon the creature in the above video. Its face and eyes are eerily realistic, but the bizarre automaton seems trapped in a happy delirium. Is this the stuff nightmares are made of?

I originally saw this video posted on a Facebook community. However, after some digging, I was able to find the original, clearer HD version on YouTube. It was uploaded back in 2012 by 69mechanik, with a link to The House Of Automata (they also have several other videos of strange and fascinating automata available for your perusal).

This one is, indeed, a 19th Century automaton clown balancing a ball.

Image: 69mechanik/YouTube
Image: 69mechanik/YouTube

My only question: Why does it have a tongue?



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Post by Rob Schwarz

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