4 Alleged Bigfoot Sightings (With Videos!) from September 2015

The Bigfoot is out there. But where was he lurking last month? Here’s a small collection of reports and videos from September 2015 involving everyone’s favorite hairy cryptid.

Which are real, and which are hoaxes? I’ll leave that for you to decide…

Screams In A Canadian Forest

Unexplained screams, howls, and noises have been reported by residents of Alert Bay, a small community on Cormorant Island in British Columbia, Canada.

They don’t know what’s causing these sounds, but resident Rod Alfred claims they’ve been happening for years, emanating from a surrounding forest, usually at night.

However, another resident, Art Dick, believes he may know the culprit – Bigfoot.

According to CTV News, Dick claims he witnessed the creature “several years ago” on a nearby island, an encounter which ended with the beast ripping a tree out of the ground and throwing it at him and a group of friends.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard screams in the woods…

Do Bigfeet Build Forts?

I’m unsure about the location of this one, but a woman believes a Bigfoot (or perhaps Bigfeet) has set up camp outside of her property. She calls them “Bigfoot Peekers,” because she first noticed the creature(s) watching her cabin on a trail cam.

In the above video, she takes us on a tour of the alleged Bigfoot encampment, and you can see where the vegetation has been flattened. “There’s six packed-down areas right here,” she says, “where they could be sitting and watching.”

Something Growls In Florida

Appearance in video: 0:37

According to this video, a couple was on a boat ride in a swamp when they came upon what they thought was a black bear. But they began to question themselves when the creature produced a nasty growl. “Bears don’t sound like that,” the woman in the video whispers.

Is this the sound of an angry Bigfoot, or an alligator?

Bigfoot Spotted Carrying a Child In Virginia

No video for this one, unfortunately, but the story’s worth sharing.

A woman had been driving down Route 43 in Virginia at about 11:40 p.m. on September 9, minding her own business, when her car’s headlights revealed what looked to be a large creature holding an infant. Curious, she returned to the scene a couple days later, only to find enormous footprints on the ground. That’s when she decided to call the police.

There is no evidence in this case, but according to the woman, the creature, whatever it was, “looked just like Chewbacca” and had feet twice as large as her own. The baby it held, she claimed, “was looking directly” at her as she drove by.

Rob Schwarz

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