MUFON Report: The Strange Mystery of the Photoshopped Alien

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Here we have perhaps the most profound and remarkable proof of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth that I’ve ever seen.

And by that, I mean a horrifically dubious MUFON submission — the best kind!

Here’s the story:

April 25, 2015 at 2:31 p.m. A man in Budapest, Hungary is taking a walk in the forest when, suddenly, he finds a mysterious creature on the road ahead. “A bright spot floated in front of him,” reads the sighting report, “I took out my mobile phone, and I did a photograph.”

But that wasn’t the end of this fateful encounter, as the witness alludes to having lost time and memory.

“Thereafter I do not remember what happened, only that the creature disappeared. What was that? Alien?”

The included image, as you can see, shows a humanoid figure with spindly limbs standing over a golden sphere at its feet. Let me circle that for you.

Image: MUFON
Image: MUFON
Image: MUFON
Image: MUFON

Well, uh, there it is. A disappointing alien photo if ever there was one. And you didn’t even have to pay to see it!

You can read the full report, originally submitted on May 5, 2015, here: MUFON case number 65217. The original full image can be found here. Your sanity? On that front, I’m afraid, you’re on your own.

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5 Replies to “MUFON Report: The Strange Mystery of the Photoshopped Alien”

    1. I don’t really mind hoaxes, in general. I mean, they can be entertaining. This one’s a bit goofy.

      What bothers me are the hoaxers who lead people on and take their money. That’s pretty much where I draw the line.

    2. It’s the “Boy who cried Wolf” effect, hoax enough and when the real thing occurs people inevitably think “He’s at it again.”

  1. This is obviously CG. If you look carefully at the shadows of trees and rocks the sun is in the upper right in a 2 o’clock position. The CG shadow is directly behind the alien. Also, the pixelation is different for the alien than for the rest of the photo. Poorly done. You should ban this guy from submitting any more reports.

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