Last Caller: A New Film Project Inspired By Late Night Paranormal Radio

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So here’s something you might like: it’s a student film project called Last Caller, about a jaded paranormal radio host in the 90s who finds himself in the middle of a nightmarish conspiracy. Check out the synopsis:

“Anthony is the quick witted and cynical long-time host of a late night radio program, KKRP Dimension X. With the assistance of his master control operator, Nathan, he takes the calls of those who claim that they’ve had encounters with the paranormal. Anthony used to be passionate about all things relating to supernatural phenomena but after years of hearing prank calls and the same old stories recycled by callers again and again, he has lost all faith and interest.

On a night that begins as mundanely as usual, a panic-stricken caller contacts the station claiming to be an ex-employee of Area 51 with information about the true nature of extraterrestrial life and our government’s knowledge of it. Anthony is skeptical.

Suddenly, the line goes dead and the station’s power is cut. Once the emergency generator kicks on, Anthony is faxed some cryptic classified documents. Before he can process these, he’s plunged into darkness as the generator power also goes out.

The entrance to the station opens and a tall, unknown being enters, bellowing in an otherworldly voice. After being chased in the darkness by this being, Anthony locks himself in the station’s vocal booth. He yells out to the being, asking what it wants. It gives him a message: “I’ll be with you soon.” Trapped in the booth, Anthony decides to record a message for his listeners of all that has happened.

As he helplessly waits, Nathan unlocks the booth and is bewildered to find Anthony on the floor while the station is off the air. When Anthony recounts the night’s events, he now finds himself on the receiving end of skepticism; Nathan doesn’t believe him. Anthony gets back on the air with a re-affirmed belief in the supernatural, but a twist at the end leaves him unaware that his views are being manipulated.”

If you haven’t already noticed, the story here is (loosely) inspired by an actual phone call that occurred on September 11, 1997 during an episode of Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM. It’s an event known these days as the Area 51 Caller.

Image: Last Caller

The short film is currently in its crowd-funding stage over at Seed&Spark, but once finished will be available to watch on Amazon Prime, Vimeo On Demand, and other digital platforms. It’s already raised about 50% of its requested $3,975, with 15 days remaining.

If you’re interested in contributing, or you’d just like to learn more about the film and the people behind it, head on over to the official Last Caller project page.

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