Are Some Ghost Sightings Linked to Toxic Mold Exposure?

A team of researchers out of New York’s Clarkson University, led by Professor Shane Rogers, is exploring the possibility that ghost sightings may be linked to the inhalation of toxic hallucinogenic mold.

The research, spurred on by the propensity for ghost sightings to occur in old damp buildings, involves gathering samples from various haunted houses, which may be “prime environments” for indoor molds such as Stachybotrys chartarum. According to Rogers, many paranormal experiences mirror the symptoms of those suffering from toxic mold exposure.

The research is ongoing. Rogers hopes to do more analysis involving both “haunted” buildings and places where no sightings have occurred at all. Will they find a correlation between higher amounts of toxic mold and ghostly encounters?

Personally, I’ve always been interested in alternative explanations for paranormal phenomena, because I ultimately believe the paranormal is normal, we just don’t have all the answers. Yet. But, of course, just because an indoor “ghost sighting” may be caused by inhaling toxic mold, that doesn’t mean all ghost sightings are.

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  1. How do we account for apparitions being photographed/filmed? Or does the
    Camera also breath in toxic mold and begin to develop photographic hallucinations???

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