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A Bizarre Missing Time Incident in Texas

Last month, Reddit user elitistczar shared this strange experience of “missing time” while driving outside of Cotulla, Texas. It happened during the Summer of 1991.

Image: elitistczar/Imgur
Image: elitistczar/Imgur

According to the above image, he started out from San Antonio heading for McAllen, but took the wrong highway and decided to cut across at Cotulla “to get back on track.”

That’s when the “missing time” (or time slip) occurred. He began the journey from Cotulla at 12:30 am, traveled for approximately an hour, and arrived at Three Rivers at 6:45 am.

What seemed like only one hour to himself and the other two passengers of the Peugeot 505 ended up actually being five hours. Here’s a link to Google Maps if you’re curious about the distance (it’s only an hour and ten minute trip under normal circumstances).

What could explain this missing time, especially when three people were involved? A simple matter of “zoning out” or highway hypnosis? Perhaps, but elitistczar later clarified: “I didn’t include it in the slide, but our watches as well as the car radio all had the ‘correct’ time of 1:30 something on them. They were also missing the 5 hours.”

He also revealed that the sun was rising as they arrived at Three Rivers. “That’s how we figured out that something was off,” he said, “We remember it was VERY foggy, and that we couldn’t pick up any radio stations at all. Honestly we all picked up on a creepy vibe which we were talking about when we arrived at Three Rivers.” They realized it was actually 6:45 am when they stopped at a gas station and noticed the time was different.

Naturally, he’s looking for answers, wondering if that area is known for this kind of strange phenomena. What do you think?

P.S. I noticed this story because, in the comments, someone shared a link to my post on the Abbeville, Louisiana time slip. Thought I’d share it here.

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  1. I worked in that entire area many times while in the oilfield between 2012-2014. There is a UFO story out of Cotulla, also. I drove that exact highway – along with Hwy 16 from Freer to Jourdanton – many times day and night, and experienced nothing unusual…but it is desolate, save for the frac water and sand haulers.

    P.S. Slow down on the approach to Jourdanton in Atascosa County along 16, lol…DPS loves to hide in the woods alongside the highway!

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