Google Maps Anomalies: A UFO With an “Alien Head”?

If you know me, you know that while I’m mostly a skeptic, I don’t really enjoy debunking things. I’m sitting over here like Fox Mulder – I want to believe. I really do. But unlike him, I don’t get to spend every day on world-changing paranormal adventures. No, I just read weird stuff on the Internet.

Like this, shared by the Inquisitr:

Image: Google Maps/UFO Sightings Daily
Image: Google Maps/UFO Sightings Daily

Above, you can see a zoomed-in image of the supposed UFO, courtesy UFO Sightings Daily. Or, just head over to Google Maps and check it out for yourself.

However, the only reason I’m sharing this with you now, other than the fact that I’ve been terribly distracted and I need to post something this week, is that we’ve seen all this before. Several times.

Image: Google Maps
Image: Google Maps

The first “UFO” image here, from Google Maps, was found around Jacksonville, Texas. The second, in Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. You can find links to both in my old 2012 post on the subject.

Scott Waring even mentions this repetition in his video, stating that “this UFO has been seen over twenty times in different places around the world on Google Earth Map. This is the exact same one.”

The verdict in my old post was that we were actually seeing lens flares (I mean, they do happen when the camera is pointed near the Sun). That seems no different with our latest Google anomaly, with the exception of the so-called “alien head” popping out of it.

But, as always, I’ll leave that for you to decide.


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