Strange Days In Science #5: Alien Propagation Edition

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For the past week, I’ve been optimizing the website (compressing thousands of images), re-implementing the responsive mobile theme (for hopefully better viewing on smartphones), and for my last trick, today or tomorrow I’ll be migrating the entire website to a brand new server.

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Also, pay no attention to the above video. It’s just a test. I wouldn’t watch it, if I were you. Now, on to this week’s science news (we’re doing this on Monday, now?!).

Strange Days In Science Issue #5

Image: University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham has some strange news for us (from way back on January 24, but apparently it’s the new hot thing so let’s go with it). Scientists believe they’ve discovered a “microscopic metal globe” in matter collected from the stratosphere.

Professor Milton Wainwright, leading the investigation, says that it’s comprised of both titanium and vanadium, but it also has a “gooey” center.

“…there are several theories as to where it came from, the first being it is a complete microorganism programmed to propagate alien life on Earth.”

How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie roll center of a titanium/vanadium alien seed? These scientists are going to find out. Read more at the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology /

The Science Is Strong With This One…

A team of scientists hope that, within 10 years, they’ll have invented a microchip that can be implanted into the human brain to restore memory. In fact, they want to test these implants out on humans within two years, according to CNN.

A driverless car has successfully defeated a race car driver at Thunderhill Raceway.

Mars One will soon announce their shortlist of 100 applicants crazy adventurous enough to go on a one-way trip to the Red Planet. I don’t know about this one, folks.

Where’s the past of the future? “In the quantum world, the future predicts the past,” says research out of Washington University in St. Louis. “It’s as if what we did today, changed what we did yesterday.” Head over to Science Daily to read this brain-melter.

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a wild image of a “smiley face” in space, which is actually galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849. But I’m just going to call it the Smiley Face Galaxy.

A new model suggests that the universe may have existed forever, reports

There’s an inner core inside the Earth’s inner core. According to the Washington Post, this smaller inner core “can be read like a tree’s ring,” and may tell us more about the formation of Earth and its history.

A South Korean woman was rescued last week after her robot vacuum attempted to eat her face. “The 52 year old’s robot servant turned on her while she was taking a nap,” reports, adding that the attack lasted for “several minutes.” Go ahead and check out the link; there’s a picture.

The brain’s internal maps are distorted.

NASA has released a time-lapse of Pluto and its moon Charon, taken by the New Horizons spacecraft from January 25-31, 2015. New Horizons is set to reach Pluto on July 14, 2015.

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