4 Alleged Bigfoot Sightings (With Videos!) from January 2015

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January was a big month for Bigfoot, or so it would seem. Last month, we saw at least four high-profile videos surface allegedly containing evidence of the bipedal cryptid stalking our forests. Most have, of course, been labeled hoaxes, but I thought I’d share the videos and their stories, nonetheless.

Bigfoot Sighting in Maine

Appearance in video: 2:06

So I’m cheating with this one a little because the alleged sighting happened before January, but: A 12-year-old boy captured this footage of a Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, in Turner, Maine. This prompted one investigator to have a look for himself. Unfortunately, the witness later admitted, at school, that the sighting was a hoax.

Regardless, the above video, uploaded on January 3, contains a recreation of the footage by Bigfoot expert Bill Brock, comparing the mysterious figure in the original to himself. In the video, he claims “the subject still appears to be much taller,” despite the camera being 10 feet closer in the recreation. And, at least according to the Inquisitr, the possibility remains that the boy was “bullied into recanting his Bigfoot sighting.”

Sighting in Russia


This video, uploaded on January 14, claims to provide evidence of a Bigfoot, or perhaps in this case a Yeti, in Russia. Captured by a group of “adventurers” from Adygeisk, who set out to find the creature after seeing a television report on sightings in the region, the video shows a dark figure walking among the snowy trees, as well as what I assume are the footprints it left behind.

Sighting in Lettuce Lake Park, Florida

Appearance in video: 0:40

On January 26, 2015, website Bigfoot Evidence received this footage from Matt M., who spotted what he believes could be Bigfoot or a Skunkape (or Florida Bigfoot, if you will) while canoeing in the swamps of Lettuce Lake Park outside of Tampa, Florida. At first, he thought it was a bear, but after consulting with a park ranger, he was told that “bears don’t generally get into the swamp and that there were never many sightings in general.”

Matt also noted, in his submission to Bigfoot Evidence, that if this were a person, “They are walking, swimming and diving in an area where there are hundreds of 12 foot gators and water moccasins everywhere,” adding, “It went underwater and vanished.”

Sighting in Brooklyn, New York

Appearance in video: 0:24

Russel Strark was out at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York trying to capture footage of the snow for a live stream called Brooklyn Live Video. But while snow is no doubt heavily featured in the above video, what piqued his interest was the “creature” he believes he may have filmed, as well.

“Looks like it was taken at around 7 am this morning,” he wrote in the YouTube description of the video, which he uploaded on January 27. “I am no expert, but this is pretty compelling stuff. I am baffled how this creature could be in Brooklyns [sic] Prospect Park.”

More Bigfoot Sightings

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13 Replies to “4 Alleged Bigfoot Sightings (With Videos!) from January 2015”

  1. I have been an pretty dedicated hunter sense the age 15 i am 50 now i have seen allot of odd and weird things in the woods but never a Bigfoot.
    Think it would be cool to see one up close… until i do they don’t exist.

    1. Hey,
      I beleive! I was fishing at Lake Mary up in Flagstaff, AZ. Bout ten years ago. Decided to go to the other side of the lake. It was about 11:00pm. I drove past the gen store…although closed I continued on the two lane road that leads around the lake. Just as I passed the gen. store around the bend I encountered about 7 deer crossing the road in my headlights. They seemed hurried and I stopped to let them cross the road. Just has the last deer crossed the road a creature that I thought at first was a bear leaped up the embankment and over the guard rail landing right in my headlights onto the road.. It stopped and slightly turned it’s upper body towards me to look raising it’s left arm to block the lights from its eyes. I could see it was at least 8ft. tall with wet hair having off its massive body. My guess it weighed over 450lbs. I also noticed a large tree branch or log in its other hand. Then just as it appeared it vanished to the other side of the road into the dark after the deer.
      Thinking back… my guess is that it was stalking the deer hiding in the lake in wait for the deer to cross it’s path. It probably ambushed the deer from the water and chased them up to the road and up into the other side of the woods. I was shocked and so full of fear I went home and have never gone fishing late at night by my self since then. This creature was bipedal and can seriously do some damage to a human being. They exist and the fools that are seeking it have no idea what they are messing with.

      1. I know flagstaff well and Second, they’re ape monkeys up there. I use to fish there too. I saw a squatch in Tennessee for a good forty seconds and twenty feet away. I know they’re here

  2. smelled them more than seen them only under extreme weather conditions, basically they are large primates that only travel in extreme weather and in the evening when most humans are indoors. The only one that looks real and similar to my experience has been the swamp one, the others if you watch is clearly a many in clothes. Sitings over the centuries have revealed definite patterns that are consistent and world wide.

  3. Do you not see this larger ape throwing the young one over the downed tree then picking him back up and dragging it in the water.

  4. And why would you pan off of this guy. The mist greatest thing u could get on film and you pan to the left where’s there’s nothing. Hello

  5. Swamp video there are two of them. a smaller one is getting tossed around or is jumping off and on “mom”. Yes, it is pretty compelling, I agree. The movements and such. It always floors me when videos like this one, where movement is smooth and fluid, like a REAL creature, that is at home in the swamp, COMPARED to a Man in a suit. Which would be soaked! , and do we know what happens to Heavy Faux Fur fabric costume with feet? It would weigh a ton! and hang mercilessly and the fur would not have any oils on it, so it wold be plastered down, etc. NOT TO MENTION, does any one NOT remember what it was like to run around at halloween, or on stage in a play, wearing a mask and full blown fur costume to boot? Movements were NOT fluid, masks flop around etc…you can totally tell in videos that are fake where guy wears a suit. totally tell.

  6. Swamp video is most compelling, but suspicious. Why would you stop filming before subject is completely out of sight? It does appear to pick something up though. Not sure if its a baby, looked more like a dead animal, kinda flopped for the brief moment it was visible?

  7. 30 Yrs ago, I lived in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. About a dozen of us used to go hang out in the sand dunes in the center of the forrest! We all saw the “Skunk Ape”. This creature is For Real! We called him Skunk Ape because of the Horrible Stench we all smelled before each sighting! I Don’t Care if any of you Don’t Believe This Story!!!! He is Real!! Please leave him alone!!! They aren’t hurting anybody, just trying to exist like us!!!!

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