Watch Terminators Terminate in Terminator Genisys: Paradox Edition

Posted by on January 31, 2015

Am I the only one who’s intrigued by Terminator Genisys?

I mean, it looks ridiculous. And I’m nothing if not a fan of cheesy, convoluted movies about time travel (among other things, thank you Mystery Science Theater 3000).

Even if it’s horrible, we’ve still been given this amazing parody trailer by Auralnauts, in which Kyle Reese questions his very existence while searching for a pair of pants.

“Where’s the past of the future?” he asks. Bonus points for clips from The 6th Day.

This guy knows what I'm talking about.
This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Anyway, Paramount Pictures just released a new movie poster and a new(ish) trailer for Genisys, which will air during tomorrow’s Super Bowl, along with trailers for Jurassic World and Tomorrowland, according to Screen Rant.

But will Genisys be any good? I don’t know; I would describe Terminator 3 as a movie, and I don’t remember anything that happened in Terminator: Salvation, so the bar isn’t set too high for me.

Something tells me it might be fun, though. Pass me the popcorn bucket…from the future.


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  • Hahaha that last clip from The 6th Day was great!

    I loved the Time Chasers episode of MST3K, the “mezzanine” office of the evil bad guy makes me giggle each time.

    • Rob

      Oh, man. Time Chasers…had to jump over to YouTube ’cause I’d forgotten the mezzanine. That’s quality right there.