Video: Mysterious “Fire Object” Over Argentina and Brazil

Here’s a video of what appears to be a fireball reportedly witnessed over Brazil and Argentina earlier this month. However, the curious thing about this one is the music choice for the video that the object appears to “change direction.”

Image: Screencap from above video
Image: Screencap from above video

“Strange fire object looks like it could be crashing to earth. Filmed over brazil local residents have many different theories on what it could be but no conclusion has been made. The Burning V is seen all over the world!”

During the first half of the video, the object appears to fall toward the earth at an angle, but at around 1:40, it begins to fall straight down. And like the object spotted falling over Southern California, also earlier this month, it seems to move slower than you’d expect from a crashing meteor.

The above footage was taken in Brazil, and the connection between it and the Argentina sighting was made over at UFO Sightings Daily. According to Inexplicata (translating from, at least one resident of Frias, Argentina had this to say: “All of us were startled in our home. We could see something like a dot that emitted light in the sky and moved to and fro.” Another resident pointed out that they saw something similar last year, as well.

In fact, check this out: In April 2013, a meteor, perhaps not unlike what we’re seeing here, exploded during a concert in the very same area, in the Santiago del Estero Province. Pretty wild.

// via UFO Sightings DailyInexplicata

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