Top 5 Worst Paranormal YouTube Videos

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When I see videos claiming to show evidence of Bigfoot or ghosts or some other paranormal entity, even if they turn out to be hoaxes, I usually enjoy them. There’s something about old grainy footage of aliens — and 1980s-90s paranormal documentaries in particular — that I find intriguing, real or fake.

And then there are these…

Real Fairy Caught on Tape

Here we have an amazing video of some leaves and, at about 0:55, probably the most incredible footage of a fairy clipart housefly I’ve ever seen.

Real Bigfoot Sighting

Bigfoot stalks over to a bush and eats something. He also wears a jacket and pants, now.

Real Mermaid…also Caught on Tape

A mermaid investigator searching for the truth reveals definitive proof that mermaids exist. “That’s a freshwater mermaid!” shouts his adventurous companion.

Real Furby…well, you know

“What you are about to see is real.” Could this video be proof of real Furbies?

REAL Grey Alien Sighting Captured on Filming Apparatus

“Could this be an actual Grey alien from another planet, or is it just trickery?” asks this video’s description. In December 2014, a grey alien was spotted peeking out from behind a tree. A real alien, or a popsicle stick? You be the judge.

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