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Ghost of the Slender Man Spotted Multiple Times in Cannock?

Residents of Cannock and Rugeley in Staffordshire, England have reported multiple sightings of what they describe as a “long, stick-thin ghost.” Could this be the Slender Man?

The Staffordshire Newsletter shares the accounts, which tell of a tall shadowy figure with terrifying red eyes. It appears dressed in old-fashioned Victorian clothing, and has been seen not just in the nearby countryside of Cannock Chase, but also in one of the witnesses’ homes.

Last year, black eyed kids were also spotted in the area, along with something known as the Pig Man. Sounds like an interesting place.

Also last year: the unfortunate circumstances involving two Wisconsin girls who believed they were “proxies” of the Slender Man, and attempted to murder someone to gain his favor.

While the Slender Man began as an urban legend on a message board, it has spread throughout the world enough that, perhaps, people now believe they’ve seen him in the shadows or the trees, or even in their own bedrooms. If you’d like to read more, check out my post Have You Seen the Slender Man?

Although I do have to say: a tall gentlemen in Victorian attire, wearing a hat, with fiery red eyes? Sounds to me like we might actually be dealing with good old Spring-heeled Jack!

// via Staffordshire Newsletter

Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. Slenderman began as a meme on Something Awful. It was on a photoshop pictures to make them paranormal thread. Slendy was never a myth.

  2. “…with a homburg hat.”

    That seems to be related to the “hat man” phenomenon rather than slenderman.
    The hat man is always associated with “shadow people” or “stickmen” (a very slim and long version of shadow people) so I think it can be considered a possible shadow person encounter. When I was very young I have encontered a similar figure which was wearing a top hat or what you would call a homburg hat. The figure had really thin and slim body features with long arms and legs. I would describe the figure to be more like a stickman that a child would draw.
    As far as I know slenderman is never depicted with a hat. Besides, slenderman is a made up character so how can it be seen by anyone?

    only paranormal which leads to demons and angels and god himself WHICH IS REAL!

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