Popocatépetl Volcano: An Epicenter of Paranormal Activity

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A mountain rescue team working near Mexico’s Popocatépetl claim they spotted giant humanoid creatures, at least 2 meters in height, scaling the active volcano last month.

The creatures, according to the following video by Tercer Milenio TV, were described as “slender, fast,” wearing no clothing and holding no equipment. They made their way, at incredible speeds, up the volcano on the route into its crater, in an area known as Las Grietas.

On average, rescue teams can take up to four hours to scale the area of the volcano where the creatures were sighted, due to rough terrain and harsh weather conditions. But these creatures reportedly covered the same distance in only 10 minutes.

Inhuman footprints were located the morning after the sighting, and a specialist found that one of the creatures likely had “a claw in the back part of its leg,” which perhaps allowed it to climb the ice more easily.

This is not the only mystery that surrounds the Popocatépetl Volcano; for years there have been rumors of extraterrestrial activity in the area.

In 2012, an unidentified object was sighted flying into the volcano, leaving many to speculate that perhaps a hidden alien base existed inside. Another sighting on December 28, 2014 involved an orb-like object exiting the volcano’s crater, which you can see in the time lapse video below:

And yet another time-lapse from February 21, 2013 shows a cigar-shaped object flying across the sky above Popocatépetl.

Aliens or not, Popocatépetl seems to be a happening place. The volcano celebrated the coming of the New Year by erupting a staggering 28 times, releasing smoke 450 times, and causing at least five strong temors all within 24 hours, forcing the local government to ask those living nearby to evacuate their homes.

Not exactly the best location for a hidden base, if you ask me, but whatever works.

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8 Replies to “Popocatépetl Volcano: An Epicenter of Paranormal Activity”

      1. You’ve made it quite clear that you post these stories and mysteries because you enjoy them as fiction, silly entertainment that meddles with the unknown, but I have a question for you. Has there every been a story, one that you’ve written about here or read elsewhere, that you find has enough evidence supporting it to find it believable?

        Anyways, another fun article and I can’t wait for the next one.

      2. That’s a really good question, and it’s actually kind of hard for me to answer. I’m going to have to think about it, because nothing recently has really jumped out at me, you know?

        But I can tell you right now that there are some paranormal topics that I take more seriously than others, if only from personal experiences and stories I’ve heard.

        Things like premonitions, ESP, and “prophetic” dreams. Even some ghost stories that have happened to people I know. Just little things like that.

        There are definitely “bigger” stories that I’ve heard about (and probably even written about!) that I find more believable than others. But I’m feeling too scatterbrained at the moment to come up with specific stories, so I’ll have to think about it.

        I might write up a post about them for next week.

  1. Wow, this really interesting! I hadn’t heard about this until now. Rob, did you hear about the sasquach family that the Arizona police caught on camera?

    1. Just looked into it, but apparently they’ve already come out and said it was a “joke.” : http://news.yahoo.com/heard-one-arizona-sasquatch-033644572.html

      1. Oh darn, I was hoping we could add it to the Sasquatch vault. Oh well, your articles have been great recently!

      2. Thank you so much, GirlParanormal!

        I was pretty bummed when I found out they were joking. I mean, I like to joke around, myself, but for actual officials to come out with a hoax like that…seems kind of rotten, you know?

        Like you said: Oh, well. There’s always a new sighting around the corner!

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