President Obama’s Face Appears on Mars

Posted by on December 8, 2014

In the ongoing adventures of chrononaut and teleportation-expert Barry Sotero, some UFO enthusiasts are now claiming to have spotted President Obama’s head on Mars.

The curious “ancient head” was originally discovered by Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily in a 2005 NASA image. But YouTuber Paranormal Crucible enhanced the image, only to discover that the “ancient head” may in fact belong to none other than President Obama.

Image: UFO Sightings Daily
Image: UFO Sightings Daily/NASA

Waring suggests that this could be a 3D-printed statue buried from the shoulders down, the remains of a lost alien civilization. But others wonder if this may instead be evidence that Project Pegasus, a 1960s-1980s time travel and teleportation experiment, was real, and that President Obama truly has been to Mars. That, or he is “the clone of an ancient Martian ruler,” as the above video suggests.

// via The Daily Mail


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Post by Rob Schwarz

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