5 Useless Robots that Probably Won’t Take Over the World

The robot apocalypse is coming, but not every robot is created equal. Here are seven not-so-terrifying machines we probably don’t have to worry about.

This Out of Control Camera Robot Thing

This camera has the right idea: slowly sneak up on its target, maybe take him off guard. But as far as robot attacks go, this one just leaves something to be desired.

The Robotic Arm Mk II Prototype

Now, this machine might actually do some damage during the upcoming robot apocalypse, but just stay away from any salty snack foods and you should be fine.

The Ultimate Useless LEGO Machine

This robot is so useless it’s actually known as the “Useless Machine.”

A Poor Unfortunate Drone

I’ve written a lot about quadcopters, and drones are really the new up-and-coming thing as far as totalitarian robot dystopias are concerned. But, for some reason, I’m not too concerned about this one.

This Flaming Robot Shopping Cart Walker Thing


Rob Schwarz

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