House Mysteriously Appears in Sierra Vista, Arizona

A UFO is one thing – a flashing light in the sky, a glowing orb that flies at incredible speeds. But what do you do when that mysterious object, the one that seemingly appears out of nowhere and leaves just as quickly, is a house?

A MUFON report submitted on September 28, 2014 shares the bizarre tale of a couple from Sierra Vista, Arizona who encountered just that. At 9:45 p.m. on “a clear December night” in 2012, the two went outside for a cigarette only to find a house in the field across the street. It had never been there before. And the lights were on.

“We were only out there about a minute before we noticed what appeared to us to be a single wide mobile home or rectangular shaped house in the field across the street. This field is totally fenced in and there has been nothing there for several years so we were surprised to see a house. We hadn’t heard anything during the day nor see any movement /trucks bringing in a house. There appeared to be a door with a window on each side. Lights were on but the house/object appeared to be empty.”

They stood and pondered on the house’s mysterious appearance for a while. But after deciding that there wasn’t much they could do about a rogue house manifestation, especially at that time of night, they went to bed.

However, the next morning, things only got stranger.

“The next morning we got our coffee and went outside to have a smoke and the object was not in the field – there was nothing there. It was an empty fenced in field as it always was.”

And that’s how the story ends. “It was very very odd,” says the submission, “To this day every time we drive by we always look at the fencing to see how someone could have pulled in a trailer and there is no way.”


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.

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