Creepy Dolls: Examples of Happy Nightmares

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Image: Stewart Butterfield/Flickr via CC by 2.0

Last month, something strange happened in the neighborhood of Talega in San Clemente, California: creepy porcelain dolls appeared on the doorsteps of eight different families, dolls they claimed resembled their daughters.

In the end, it turned out to be nothing more than a “friendly” gesture from a member of the community, but the initial concern underlined a peculiar, yet deep-seated, fear. A fear of dolls.

What is it that makes certain dolls creepy? Is it the uncanny valley? The way they look mostly human and yet so lifeless? Well, below are examples of some of the stranger dolls I’ve come across on the Internet.

Creepy or not, you decide.


If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a porcelain doll’s head looks like, here’s your chance.

Shiny Happy Doll People

They were happy to get out of the house for once. The photographer at the studio, however, was somewhat confused when she asked him to photograph her “children.”

Doll People

Image: Unknown/Public Domain

Hug Him

Look for the golden arches. Then run.

Jules Vernon’s Doll Family

They were a close-knit family. But once a member, always a member.

A Creepy Doll Family

Image: Public Domain

An Abandoned Doll

Left forgotten in the woods, the creepy abandoned doll waited to be found by a new owner. Unfortunately, there were never any takers.

Baby Laugh-A-Lot

She’ll make you laugh. Forever.

The Patented Soul Knob

Captain Oogie, on the other hand, will ensure you never laugh again…

CPR Dolls

Automaton Terror

It doesn’t feel happiness or sadness, fear or worry. The automaton clown is content to play its music box song and smile into obliviion.


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  • Hahaha these are all great 🙂

    And a SOUL KNOB…!! I wanna believe that’s the real commercial, is it??

    • Rob

      Of course it is! >.>

    • Dewms

      But they said the audio is fake!????

  • me

    suddenly i feel depressed
    something is going on here.

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    Aged doll, yeah right.

  • DarkRanger

    I always find the “shiny happy” type the creepiest…