NASA: Mysterious X-Ray Signal Detected in Perseus Galaxy Cluster

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A signal in the form of an X-ray emission line has been detected within the Perseus galaxy cluster, according to new data collected by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton.

“The latest results from Chandra and XMM-Newton consist of an unidentified X-ray emission line, that is, a spike of intensity at a very specific wavelength of X-ray light. Astronomers detected this emission line in the Perseus galaxy cluster using both Chandra and XMM-Newton.”

Scientists will now investigate further to determine both that the X-ray emission line exists and that it is as currently described. They’ll also attempt to confirm if the signal is being produced by the decay of sterile neutrinos, a possibility they feel is incredibly exciting.

It’s also possible that the signal is caused by normal matter. But, you know, there’s always another possibility…


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