Trailer: How to Build a Time Machine

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A long time ago, I shared a video about a crowdfunding campaign for a documentary called How to Build a Time Machine. It was obviously going to be about time travel, and appeared to focus somewhat on the story of John Titor.

Well, a new trailer has released, showcasing a slightly different direction.

How to Build a Time Machine looks at two men and how time travel has become a major part of their lives: Rob Niosi, who’s working on a replica of the time machine from the movie adaptation of H.G. Wells’ famous novel; and Ronald Mallet, the scientist currently attempting to create an actual time machine.

I’m not sure when How to Build a Time Machine will release, but the trailer has me intrigued. Time travel is more than just a science fiction trope; it represents the human desire to change the past, visit the future, or return to moments in our lives that will never happen again.

A documentary about that could go on forever.

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