5 Haunted Items On eBay (And the Stories Behind Them)

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You know, sometimes I like to browse around on eBay to see what kind of weird stuff is for sale. Ever since they banned spells and curses, it’s been less interesting, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some creepy items left to be found.

Take, for example, the haunted objects below. I can’t guarantee they’re actually haunted, or that their stories are even real. But, as usual, I’m here for neither facts nor certainty, so let’s have a look.

A Haunted Antique Wood Carving

This strange wood carving has been in the seller’s family for over 60 years. It’s a carving of a man with his head down and his eyes closed, holding his hat in his hands, as if in mourning.

The seller’s grandparents discovered it years ago when cleaning out the attic of an old rural West Virginia home. When they asked the original homeowner about it, they learned it had been carved by an old man in the 1800s. Today, however, it seems to be more than a simple family heirloom.

According to the seller, “Anyone who comes in contact with it seems to feel strange or creeped out.” For many years, the seller has had the carving stored in a box, but at one time it had been displayed inside of a curio cabinet. This, it would turn out, was not the best idea.

“I began to experience the television turning off and on,” the seller explains, “Lights coming on in rooms no one was in. The kids toys coming on in the middle of the night in their room at 300 A.M.”

A Clairvoyant’s Necklace

A friend of this item’s seller recently passed away. She was a psychic, a clairvoyant, one of the types who could read the energy of items and perhaps even see their histories, something known as psychometry.

The friend, known as Aunt Nancy, found this necklace and pendant at an estate auction. She was drawn to it, felt it calling out to her.

“Once she got them home she did a reading,” wrote the seller. She found that they were holy items from 13th Century France. “The energies felt most at home in pictures such as what is in the pendant of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus as they were depicted in that time period.”

A Child’s Memoir Box

The seller of this item was helping a friend set up an old Victorian home for an estate sale. They came across this shoe box box in the home’s attic, along with some old, moth-eaten children’s clothes and a scrap book.

The box is filled with old, innocuous artifacts: a tin monkey, a collapsing cup, locks of hair. Other assorted items, including some books. A small slip of pink paper with a lock of hair reads “died Mar. 14, 1920 Little Edgar.” The seller intended to keep the items, but the box had a strange effect.

It disturbed the seller’s dogs so much that they would simply “stare at the corner of the room” and avoid the chair upon which the strange box and its mysterious contents rested. The seller eventually had to move the items out into his car.

A Demonic Doll

A dybbuk is said to be the malevolent, dislocated spirit of a dead person. These spirits may possess people or items. The seller of this particular doll claims to specialize in selling paranormal or haunted objects that the original owners no longer want, and so is the case with this possessed doll.

As the seller explains, it came from an old woman who had purchased it from an antique store. She took it home with her, but whenever she opened the box, terrible things would happen. “She would have frightening dreams of shadow people,” writes the seller, with a word of warning to anyone who may purchase them: “Be careful not to dare the items to show themselves or prove that they are paranormal. You may open a door that you cannot close.”

A Haunted Statue

A friend of this seller used to work at a brickyard back in the 1980s. Sometimes his friend would make statues out of the unhardened clay during his time off, and paint them. A lot of the other workers at the brickyard would do the same. This is one of those statues, although its story is slightly different from the others.

A man named William made this bust, which he based on himself, the day he died. He painted it, and wrote the word Future on its chest in quotes. Not long after, a tragic accident occurred and he was crushed to death. The next day, the seller’s friend saw the statue sitting where William had left it, and decided to take it home. That’s when strange things began to happen.

Noises began to occur at his home. He found himself woken up late one night by the sounds of someone walking in circles, though no one was there. Later, he heard a door slamming, though found no doors closed. And then, one night, he saw a dark mist moving near his den’s wall.

He finally realized the source of his problems when his dog began to avoid the statue with fear in her eyes. That’s when he decided to part ways with it.

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  1. Maybe William wrote the word ‘future’ on the statue because he subconsciously knew of his own death and was giving himself a totem to transfer his soul or spirit to.

  2. Hi everyone, I am with a paranormal team and a haunted collector and is looking to grow my collecetion! If anyone wants to contact me you can! Also you can message me at, Mountain State Paranormal Team on facebook!!!!!!!!! thank you

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