Escape from Tomorrow

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Escape from Tomorrow is an independent film by writer-director Randy Moore that was shot surreptitiously at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. But unlike the lighthearted and cheerful stories you’d expect from a movie set at the Happiest Place on Earth, this one tells of one man’s descent into madness. You can view the trailer above.

Image: Escape From Tomorrow

“Bad things happen everywhere.”

Perhaps more intriguing than the film itself is how it was made. Escape from Tomorrow was filmed right under Disney’s nose; it’s not officially endorsed by the company. The filmmakers had to perform quite a few gymnastics to capture the footage they did:

“Actors and crew entered the parks in small groups to avoid attracting attention. “At one point, I even made the camera department shave off their facial hair and dress in tourist attire, which almost provoked a mutiny,” says Moore. Despite the actors wearing the same clothes for days on end, Moore told The Los Angeles Times, no one at the gates seemed to suspect anything…”

Image: Escape From Tomorrow

Disney, I suppose to their credit, have taken an “ignore it and hopefully it will go away” approach to the film.

Honestly, I’m just as surprised as anyone that Escape from Tomorrow has made it this far. It premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival to decent reviews, and is set to release on iTunes and VOD on October 11.

Of course, I can’t say if it’s any good or not. I haven’t seen it, and most of its attention revolves completely around the setting and the twisting of our preconceived notions of Disney World, but…well, the trailer seems interesting.

Actually, some of the imagery (specifically the Spaceship Earth bit) reminds me of the early concept art for the video game Epic Mickey. That game didn’t exactly pan out in the end, but those early images were pretty cool:

Image: Epic Mickey Concept Art

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