Jack the Ripper: The “From Hell” Letter

News hit this week that Jack the Ripper may not have existed in the way we’ve always believed, with yet another investigation claiming to reveal who the true Ripper was. According to the Huffington Post, new documents have appeared that ‚Äúseem to disprove the theory that the victims had their organs cut out by their …

Do We Still Believe in the Paranormal?

Strange footage of a hairy creature walking through the woods. Orbs caught on still pictures. Triangular lights blinking in the night sky. We’ve seen the videos and heard the stories, but how many people today truly believe in the paranormal?


Escape from Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow is an independent film by writer-director Randy Moore that was shot surreptitiously at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. But unlike the lighthearted and cheerful stories you’d expect from a movie set at the Happiest Place on Earth, this one tells of one man’s descent into madness. You can view the trailer …


The Tombstone Tourists (Or, Taphophiles)

I haven’t posted too much this summer, if you haven’t noticed. Mostly it’s because, well, it’s summer, but I’ve also been up to other things outside Stranger Dimensions. Namely, genealogy research. That means pouring over old documents, photographs, and trekking through a few graveyards in order to find better information about distant family members.