Linda the Security Robot is Looking Out For You

Posted by on August 27, 2013 // Inventions & Tech // 1 Comment

Meet Linda, the robot security guard.

Linda has been designed to act both as a patrolling “night watchman” and to support nursing home staff.

The robot uses a laser scanner for movement, which acts something like sonar, and is equipped with a three-dimensional camera. Oh, and a bumper to prevent it from accidentally running people over, which I think is a nice touch.

Linda also has big googly eyes, as you can see. But unlike most robots, they act only as cues for humans, a kind of “focal point” so we know what the robot is targeting focusing on. The real camera is at the very top, a device similar to Microsoft’s Kinect.

“It’s about assisting the humans…”

Sounds good to me, and I’m sure we have nothing to fear from the Daleks Linda. How do you feel about a future filled with googly-eyed security robots?


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