Photographer Captures Mysterious Figure at Old Pioneer Cemetery

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Last month, Nathan Ziegler was out testing his new camera at Old Pioneer Cemetery in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. He’d placed it on a tripod to capture a time-lapse of the sunset on the hill, a nice shot of some tombstones, the horizon, and a tree off in the distance.

Starting at 8:13 p.m., Ziegler left the camera to take shots every 30 seconds, and didn’t return until around 10:00 p.m. Everything seemed fine, undisturbed. In fact, there was no particular reason anyone else would have been on the hill.

But while he was reviewing the time-lapse back at home, he came upon something rather interesting: in just one frame, a mysterious figure appeared to the right of the tree.

Image: Nathan Ziegler

Ziegler was curious enough about the anomaly to do a little investigating. Could it have just been a person? That would seem the simplest explanation, but according to Ziegler himself, that’d be “unlikely.” The cemetery is “in the middle of a wheat field — not a high traffic place.” Why would anyone be walking up there at night?

He did, however, conclude that a person could walk the distance of the hill (as seen in the picture) in about 30 seconds. That would have given the individual a full 60 seconds to walk across and only be caught in one frame of the time-lapse. You can see his entire analysis of the photo at his blog.

Well, as usual, there are plenty of normal explanations for what we see in the photograph. Not really bothered by that.

Instead, I found this photo interesting because the figure (whatever/whoever it is) reminds me of a weird sketch I made in 2002 called “Death Walking,” back when I was working on one of my first websites (a fiction site, based on Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark). Something odd about the shape of its head. I don’t know…

Death Walking 1
Image: Dimentoid

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