Europa Report: Maybe We Should’ve Just Sent Another Robot

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An optimistic crew of space explorers? The watery depths of Europa’s sub-surface ocean? Sharlto Copley? What could possibly go wrong?

The above trailer gives us our first real taste of Europa Report, an upcoming science fiction film that follows six astronauts on their journey to Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. As you would expect, things go terribly wrong when they get there.


“Our best hope of success lies under the ice.”

The trailer begins with a newscast of the launch of the Europa One spacecraft, and shots of an interview with Sharlto Copley’s character (“Who are we, where do we come from, and are we alone?”). From there, it’s a quick degeneration into chaos, as the international crew arrives on Europa and all hell breaks loose.

The action in Europa Report is told in the “found footage” format, with static shots from cameras placed around the spacecraft and on the astronauts themselves. As far as that goes, everything seems pretty authentic — the outside shots of the spacecraft look like something you’d find on a direct feed from NASA.


I’m also getting some strong Sunshine vibes here, a movie I enjoyed but felt went a little too weird near the end. Hopefully Europa Report wrangles the fantastic sci fi terror and gives us a slightly more realistic view of humanity’s encounter with…whatever seems to be going down on Jupiter’s moon.

In fact, io9 shared a brief review of the film earlier this month, and they lobbed on some pretty heavy praise (“Europa Report is hands down the most painstakingly accurate space movie we’ve seen in ages,” they say). I’m excited, but we’ll see.

The real highlight, though, is this: Europa Report will be available for download on iTunes and Video on Demand on June 27, 2013, five days before it hits theaters on August 2. That’s the future, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, check out the website for Europa Ventures LLC, the fictional private corporation that launched the mission. You’ll find “live” video of the Europa One crew as they make their journey through space, and a bunch of pages that require a login.

Anyone know the password, yet?

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