Company Bulldozes Mayan Temple, Possibly Awakens Old Ones

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Image: Flickr/Global Jet via CC by 2.0

What do you do when you run out of gravel? Well, sometimes you can’t just run down to the gravel store and buy some, so you turn to alternative methods. Say, bulldozing an ancient Mayan temple.

That’s what a road-building company in Belize recently did. In order to retrieve gravel to fill a road, the company leveled the 2,300-year-old Nohmul temple. According to BBC News, “only a small core of the pyramid was left standing.” Fantastic.

Apparently, this isn’t something new, particularly in Belize. Other “Maya mounds” have been bulldozed for similar purposes. I understand that it’s probably difficult to protect all of these ancient structures, but it’s truly unfortunate that anyone would think to use them as “road filler” to begin with.

Parasites, eating away our history.


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