Witness 1,046 Meteorites Fall to Earth with BOLIDES

No, that’s not a screenshot from some new version of Missile Command. It’s called BOLIDES, a website project that animates every witnessed meteorite collision with Earth from 861 to modern day.

“Thousands of meteorites have collided with the Earth since 2500 BC. 34,513 have been recorded, only 1,042 have been seen falling. BOLIDES is an attempt to visualize and explore the meteorites that have collided with the Earth. The visualization focuses mainly on meteorites that were eye-witnessed when falling and hitting the ground.”

BOLIDES uses data from The Meteorite Bulletin, and focuses mainly on those meteorites that are confirmed and classified as “fell” — that is, they were visibly observed by people or devices while they fell to Earth. The website also contains information on each meteorite, including their size, type, and location of impact.

It’s an eye-opener, no doubt.

Check it out: BOLIDES – Visualizing meteorites

Rob Schwarz

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