7-Foot Head Discovered Floating On The Hudson River

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A team of rowers from New York’s Marist College discovered something fairly odd on Monday: a 7-foot Styrofoam head floating along the Hudson River.

“The ominous sighting gave the coach pause, and he had his team stay back as he approached to investigate…”

They pulled it from the water. Around 7 feet high and “4 to 5 feet wide,” the head appears to be made of Styrofoam and coated with fiberglass. It’s nose is chipped, along with other damage. No one currently knows where it came from.

Remnants of Columbia, perhaps?

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2 Replies to “7-Foot Head Discovered Floating On The Hudson River”

  1. hahaha when I saw the photos I thought about Columbia… and the last line was epic :”Remnants of Columbia, perhaps?” haha

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