A Ouija Board Warning

At the age of 12, Redditor snaptitude used a Ouija board. It had belonged to his friend’s great grandmother, and was something he’d used many times in the past in attempts to communicate with the dead. But this time, while trying to use it with his cousin, something was different.

“Every time I contacted a spirit,” he wrote in a Reddit post not too long ago, “As soon as we touched the pointer it would fly back and forth, spelling ‘ZNZ’ over and over again.” Not knowing if this was a cryptic message from the other side, snaptitude and his cousin then attempted to contact his recently-deceased grandfather.

“I couldn’t get properly a hold of him,” he wrote, “But he kept on giving out random numbers and dates. I wrote them all down on a piece of construction paper…the last thing he said was ‘Zachery.”

He shared a photo of this paper, upon which he had written down the strange names, dates, and numbers. At the time, they didn’t make much sense to him. But as he would find out, they would prove very important, indeed.

The Ouija Paper
Image: snaptitude/Reddit

A few months later, he decided to use the Ouija board again, this time with a group of friends. Communication was successful, and he began to unravel more details on the information he had received from his grandfather.

“They said that this ZNZ would be the cause of my death,” he wrote, “They told me the situation. He was a pilot. When I got home, I brought out that piece of paper…and it started to make more sense. There was a latitude and longitude on it, as well as the number of people who he was going to kill. That was supposedly my ‘fate’.”

Something was wrong, though, and it didn’t make much sense. “I didn’t think anything of it,” he explained, “The latitude and longitude said I would be somewhere around Florida. I have never been there nor would I ever have reason to go.”

Final Destination

Over time, the details passed out of sight, out of mind. Until one day, several years later, when he found out his family would be visiting the Caribbean island where he grew up. He was excited, and the trip went on without a hitch. He visited old friends, returned to the places he once knew. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Until they began their return home.

“Our connection flight on the way back was in Miami,” he wrote, “I was sitting in the airport and it suddenly came back to me. Because I always remembered what that paper had said. And I was sitting in the Miami International Airport on the same day that paper told me almost 5 years previously.” He felt his heart rate spike, but there was nothing he could do. He boarded the plane.

The Plane Ticket
Image: snaptitude/Reddit

“We were all sitting in our seats, waiting, because the flight was being delayed. When suddenly the captain’s voice came on the loudspeaker, like always, and tells us about the approximate landing time, weather, etc- and introduced himself as Zachery Zeji (sp?). Z (N?) Z.

I was shocked at that. But what was I going to do? Tell my mom and brother we had to get off the plane? I didn’t really believe this was a premonition that could exist. I didn’t say anything. Still, the plane did not take off. Then, suddenly, we were told we had to change planes because during the last check, they found a fault in the engine.”

“Call it coincidence,” he wrote, “call it creepy, call it fake or whatever you want…I just find it to be an interesting story I went through to share with paranormal junkies like myself.”

Optional Exit Points

What really drew me to this story was a comment left by another Redditor:

“I’ve read that there are optional ‘exit points’ through our lives that we set up before we incarnate. They might be what you call close calls or near misses. Perhaps an entity in the hereafter was giving you a heads up and ultimately you opted to stay in the game of life.

He also mentioned the possibility that these entities on the other side can see “multidimensional realities” and all possible outcomes of events, and that the warning snaptitude received was “the one most likely to materialize.”

Near misses. Multidimensional realities. Probabilities.


Every day we make choices. Every day we roll dice. Lucky for snaptitude, the warning he received from that old Ouija board didn’t come to pass. Perhaps, in another universe, he wasn’t so lucky.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.

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