Are Shapeshifting Aliens Protecting President Obama?

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Let’s open up the Esoteric Theories file and see what it has for us today.

“During Barack Obama’s speech at 2012 AIPAC Policy Conference at the Washington Convention Center, the camera spotted a very odd individual…could be a strong evidence of a shape shifting alien humanoid working for the Powers That Be.”

Oh, okay.

You can see the alleged alien in the above video. Skip to 1:23 and wait for the dramatic audio cue. The video’s narration claims that the individual’s skull features “suddenly change,” with his nose, mouth, and ears no longer “looking human.”

At the 0:36 mark, the video highlights the agent standing among the crowd.

He sways back and forth in “creepy movements,” but otherwise passes as a “normal human being.” But could this individual, in fact, be a Reptilian humanoid? An Annunaki? The work of the Illuminati?

The narrator finally suggests that, perhaps, the alien’s shape shifting device had malfunctioned, revealing his true form to those paying enough attention to notice.

So that’s two checks for President Obama: He’s been to Mars, and he has shape shifting aliens in his Secret Service detail.

I do have to highlight one particular YouTube comment, though:

“I also have to say, bravo for Obama being brave enough to employ a truely diverse workforce. Risking exposure of a exo-conspiracy to the world, at a venue where numerous camera’s were known to be, when a human could just as well performed security duties while the alien shapeshifting androids sat at the ‘back of the bus’ monitoring things remotely. A brave move from a brave president.”

Oh, for fun. Huh? We have fun around here.

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2 Replies to “Are Shapeshifting Aliens Protecting President Obama?”

  1. Do you have a link to the video anywhere else? the account that the video was on was terminated, which is a little strange in its self

    1. Oh, I hate when that happens. Thanks for letting me know. Just checked and found another upload @

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