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200-Year-Old “Egg-Shaped” Rock In Bosnia Gains New Attention

In the Bosnian town of Kostajnica, a strange egg-shaped rock rests outside a stone quarry, where miners found it hundreds of years ago.

It’s said to be a meteorite that fell from the moon, and given the recent apocalyptic meteor shower that occurred in Russia just this month, it’s gained some new found attention.


Weighing several tonnes, the “meteorite” (according to legend) struck the town 200 years ago. Elders told of the stone falling from the sky, perhaps from the moon. Houses in the area collapsed, and the rock was so hot as to be unapproachable.

Today, it’s become something of a tourist attraction, especially now that meteors are kind of, well, “in” right now.

Head on over to The Telegraph to see video of the mysterious stone.

Rob Schwarz

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