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This Marionette Robot Isn’t Creepy (Oh Wait Yes It Is)

A United Arrows store in Tokyo, Japan has set up a couple of mannequin robots that act as marionettes, mimicking the movements of unsuspecting passersby.

Okay, well, they’re probably suspecting, but these things are still pretty weird…and elaborate. Seriously, that’s a lot of hardware for a pair of apparel store dummies.

“What would happen, though, if the mannequins moved?”

The mannequins, dubbed MarionetteBots by their creators, use Microsoft Kinect technology to detect the movements of anyone standing in front of their windows. Put your hands up in the air, and the robotic marionettes will do the same.

But I have to admit, they’re just a bit creepy.

A creepy marionnette robot holds her hands up
Image: YouTube

Just a bit.


Rob Schwarz

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