Evidence Of Fossilized Vertebrae Found On Mars?

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Vertebrae Found On Mars?
Image: NASA

You know, I just can’t help perusing conspiracy forums now and then. It’s where all the cool people hang out. And by cool, I mean…well…let’s just get right to today’s peculiar find.

The following images are presented to you courtesy everyone’s favorite Mars rover, Curiosity, straight from the Gale Crater. At first blush, nothing seems amiss. You’ve got the “red” sands of Mars, a bunch of rocks. Here, look:

Mars Rover Photo

Image: NASA

But oh, what’s that over there? To the left!

Vertebrae On Mars?

Image: NASA

Mars Vertebrae

Image: NASA

What almost looks like a fossilized backbone. The spine of some ancient Martian creature? For comparison, here’s an image of a standard vertabral column that you can find right here on Earth:

Life On Mars?

Now, I can’t say what exactly we’re looking at in these images. The standing claim is that these formations on Mars are the vertebrae of large, extinct creatures that once inhabited the Red Planet, washed into the crater when it still contained water.

Perhaps they’re remnants of an ancient cataclysm (or slow, gradual death) that occurred on Mars, leaving it as the dusty, dry planet we all know today. Martian dinosaurs, if you will.

Though, I suppose we can’t assume that extraterrestrial life would even have spines — but there you have the panspermia hypothesis jumping up and down for attention.

Hmm. Even if these are just rocks, they do look curiously like bones, don’t you think? I’m not saying they are fossils, but…


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  • No creo que puedan ser vertebras de animal, pero muy interesante todo tu blog. Te sigo de cerca. saludos y hasta otra.

    • Rob Schwarz

      Yeah, they look like bones, but I agree…they’re probably just rocks, or something ordinary. It’s the story that counts, though.


  • eish.

    So if it were a fossil… It would just open the minds of some narrow minded people.and maybe some belief systems ,other than that…hay! I still have to go to work tomorrow.

    • Rob Schwarz

      Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

    • ptownelite

      Agreed! Religous fundamentalists heads would start exploding

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