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Top 10 Fictional Time Machines

Time travel. It’s something that exists in a narrow region between science and fantasy. Maybe it’s theoretically possible, maybe it’s nothing more than wishful thinking. Who knows. But in the realm of fiction, anything can happen. So here’s a list of my top ten fictional time machines, in a somewhat specific order.

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Check Out The Sun’s Coronal Rain

Here’s some pretty incredible footage of an eruption on the Sun that occurred on July 19, 2012, taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. This one came with the works: a solar flare, a coronal mass ejection, and (this is the cool part) coronal rain. The charged plasma just kind of “trickles” down the lines of the magnetic …

This Marionette Robot Isn’t Creepy (Oh Wait Yes It Is)

A United Arrows store in Japan has set up a couple of mannequin robots that act as marionettes, mimicking the movements of unsuspecting passersby. Okay, well, they’re probably suspecting, but these things are still pretty weird…and elaborate. Seriously, that’s a lot of hardware. Oh, and yeah — they’re using a Microsoft Kinect, soon to be …