Terraced Pools Of Pamukkale

The Terraced Pools Of Pamukkale

No, that’s not snow you’re looking at. The terraced pools of Pamukkale in southwestern Turkey are naturally occurring hot springs, and the majestic white landscapes you see are actually the result of calcium carbonate, which bubbles up from within the earth and hardens to become travertine, a type of limestone.

Indonesia UFO Sightings

Google Maps Anomalies: UFO Sightings Around Indonesia

While not technically a map “anomaly,” here’s a mapped collection of reported UFO sightings and other unidentified phenomena reported around Southeast Asia, compiled by BETA-UFO Indonesia: “We came out of a hall to see what the commotion was all about and I saw a round blue disc in the sky…It turned green a few seconds …

Have Scientists Discovered Alien Fossils In A Meteorite?

A handful of scientists believe they have discovered alien fossils inside a meteorite. The claim comes, in part, from Chandra Wickramsignhe, known for his many “out there” theories, such as the panspermia hypothesis and the idea that rogue planets may deposit life while moving through star systems. You’ll find it in the paper “Fossil Diatoms …

7 DARPA Robots That Will Eventually Rule The World

DARPA. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Founded in 1958 as a response to the Soviet Union’s Sputnik launch, this agency has been at the absolute forefront of new technologies, ranging from the Internet (they created ARPANET) to sophisticated military systems. They also play a large role in the development of unique and often terrifying …

California Fireball

California’s Fireball Problem

If any of you happen to live in or around California, watch your heads. On Thursday, January 17, a bright fireball streaked across the sky in Northern California and Nevada. The event occurred around 5:21 a.m. PST, with the American Meteor Society receiving 80 reports and even more comments on their website.

Agharta and the Golden City of Shambhala

Agharta And The Golden City Of Shambhala

As the Russian philosopher Nicholas Roerich passed through the sprawling mountains of Central Asia in 1926, he and his guides were shocked to witness an incredible, golden orb floating in the sky. “…high up in the cloudless sky, they clearly saw a golden spheroidal object moving from the Altai Mountains to the north at tremendous …