InMoov, The 3D-Printed Open Source Robot

Meet InMoov, a fully 3D-printed robot created by sculptor Gael Langevin.

The robot can be printed out, piece by piece, using a 3D printer, then put together and programmed using a couple Arduino Unos.

It comes (mostly) complete with all the basic body parts and voice commands, though there’s still a lot of assembly required (plus a few necessary tools, servos, and other gizmos, naturally).

It’s amazing what can be accomplished with 3D printers these days, don’t you think? Some day, maybe we’ll all have our own 3D-printed C-3POs sitting at home, partially put together because while it sounds like fun, building robots can be really time-consuming. I have an Arduino Duemilanove sitting in my desk drawer that’ll tell you so.

Head over to to see more videos, and you can follow Langevin’s (AKA hairygael’s) progress at InMoov’s official blog.

InMoov, the 3D-printed robot
Image: YouTube


“You said One.”


“You said Two.”


“You said…exterminate.”


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