Fans Create A Virtual Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Life

All this talk about genetic engineering and cloning has got me thinking about Jurassic Park.

And what do you know? A group of fans are hard at work on a new game (well, a Half-Life 2 mod) called Jurassic Life, rendering Isla Nublar in Valve’s Source Engine.

You can see their progress in the above video.

For a fan-made game, it looks pretty stellar. It’ll apparently take place during the events of the first movie, as a kind of “side story.”

“InGen’s biggest competitor, Biosyn industries, wishes to obtain Hammonds technology…

Biosyn’s main advisor Lewis Dogson contacts the extremely qualified programmer Dennis Nedry, who programmed the entire Jurassic Park system, and gives him an opportunity: in exchange of a huge amount of money, Nedry would steal a few InGen’s embryo and deliver these to Biosyn.

Unfortunately, Nedry decides to start his business this week-end…”

And we all know how that turns out.

Anyway, sure, the game seems a bit janky with the gunplay and dinosaur attacks, but that’s totally secondary to exploring the park itself…and surviving.

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