Time Traveling In Your Dreams

In the past few weeks, I’ve had at least two dreams involving time travel.

The first, I found myself in 1995. It was that strange variety of time travel involving the human consciousness — I inhabited the body of my younger self. Most of the dream, I spent my time trying to convince everyone that I was from the future. I rattled off a few major events — 9/11, etc. — but I couldn’t remember anything specific about that time in our lives that would convince anyone of the truth.

The second, I was in 1985, trying to buy some rare video game or something at a mall. Just good, old fashioned time travel on this occasion  But oh, wait — I couldn’t buy anything, because all my money was from the year 2000+ and no one would take it. It looked weird.

And so I stumbled upon two time travel quandaries: proving you’re a time traveler from the future, and getting along with the past.

Those, of course, were just dreams (or were they?…heh). But they got me thinking about a strange story I saw on Reddit not too long ago.

It was about a man who may have traveled through time and space in his sleep.

Split Perspectives In Time

Lucid Dreaming of Time Travel
Image: DieselDemon/Flickr via CC by 2.0

About a year ago, Reddit user OutofH2G2references shared his strange experience in a post titled My father stops me from disrupting space-time when I travel back in time.

He was about seven or eight years old when it happened. “I had a bad dream about being old,” he wrote, “I went out to the living room to talk to my Dad who always used to play Legos with me when I had a bad dream.”

They got out the Legos, as always, but he quickly noticed something was wrong. “There was a man in a chair,” he wrote, “I went to introduce myself, and to my surprise my dad shooed me away, got out my Legos and proceeded to talk to the man instead of play with me.” This was doubly strange, because OutofH2G2 had always been “taught to shake hands” and introduce himself to guests.

“The man and my father talked for some time about things I didn’t understand and neither said a word to me. It was weird, but I was young and the Legos were fun and eventually I forgot the whole thing and went to bed.”

He didn’t think much more about that night, until 12 years later when he had a bizarre, though incredibly vivid, lucid dream experience. He described it in his post:

“I am sitting in a chair talking to my dad about what I have done with my life. He is happier than usual and very interested. In the distance I hear a young person calling for him. He gets up, walks out of the room, and returns a minute later with me as a child and box of legos. Young me approaches me, my dad shoos child me away, young me goes and plays with legos.”

At that point in the dream, he and his father had a very curious conversation. They spoke about the “danger of the butterfly effect,” and how the simple act of them speaking together at that moment could change everything.

He later had two more dreams, in which he saw himself “from perspectives of mysterious forgotten people and situations.” In each dream, he spoke with his father about time travel, his future, and consequences.

To Travel In Dreams

He would later ask his father about the strange dream, if it meant anything. Apparently, he didn’t remember, and had nothing to add — or maybe he was just protecting the space-time continuum. He shared this in a follow-up post five months later:

“…we could theorize that if I am a time traveler in my dreams and he is protecting me from myself, he would probably not tell me how to foil him.”

Of course, you could chalk the entire experience up to false memories, simple dreams, or something more ordinary. But it’s much more fascinating to consider the alternatives.

I, myself, have had a handful of lucid dreams. The one constant, for me, is that they’re always very difficult to move around in. Something like being underwater, and when it happens I find myself struggling to stay in the dreamworld, to not break the illusion so I can explore a bit. Never lasts for long.

At any rate, some believe that dreaming about time travel may indicate some kind of “wish-fulfillment,” a desire to relive the past. But who knows; perhaps there’s something more to our nightly dreamscapes than meets the inner eye.

Have you experienced any strange dreams, lately?


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  1. My experience happened in the fall of 1998. Ive had other experiences as well. I felt like I left my body and was on a bus in the middle of the desert. I got to this butcher shop and talked with this man and I suddenly knew who I needed to talk to. I asked this man if the other man who I needed to talk to was there. He got him. I told him not to marry a girl because it would not turn out ok. He said ok. Then I woke up. I didnt think anything of it, but I remembered it so well and seemed so real and wondered about what it meant. I thought it was just a dream. About a week later, I met this man. He looked exactly like he looked in the dream. The details were exact. I didnt know what to say. He was a receptionist at the front desk of a massage therapy place I had to go to for my back and not at a butcher shop. I finally talked with him. Everything that had happened was his past like 10years earlier and did not marry that girl who he was suppose to marry. The other man I saw was his father and he worked for his father in Kansas in a butcher. And I have never lived in Kansas! In fact I was married to an AF guy at the time and we were mostly in Florida before this.

    1. Very weird. Thanks for sharing.

      I’ve had other strange experiences with dreams…like dreaming about someone I haven’t seen for years and years, only to have them show up suddenly a few days later. I can’t (being a bit of a skeptic) say that any of it means anything, really, but dreams are the one area where I tend to believe the stories I hear…

    2. Last night I had the weirdest dream I time traveled back to when I was seven and I couldn’t get back because I couldn’t wake up and I was explaining to my mum that I was from 2020
      And she didn’t believe me so I told her everything thing that would happen to her in the next year to come , the dream felt like eternity I Couldn’t get back home it felt like the dream was at least an hour then I woke up just now shaken up

  2. Also, when I met this guy we had just moved to Aurora, Colorado and not Kansas! Never been to Kansas.

    1. My dream happened recently I’m the 90’s I lived in Harrisburg Pa in my early twenties, I used to walk to work down this side road through a sort of forrested area. In my dream I find myself driving on this road and as I go further I pass my 23 yr old self on my way to work. I think to myself no way but then I get to the end of the road and look at the sign, now I have no clue the name of the rd but the sign says done rd. In my head I read it as rhyming with drone. When I wake up I was astounded and looked on Google maps and the rd is spelled Dohene rd I have not been there in 18 yrs but I remembered the name as if I was there. Crazy.

  3. I had a dream recently where I was in my mom’s old neighborhood. It was the sixties. The clothes, hair, cars, houses looked just as I have seen on t.v. But being in the sixties didn’t seem to phase me though…even though I think I realized I was travelling, everybody was just going about their neighborhood business…walking in and out of houses, cars etc. and cutting across lawns. Then all of a sudden there was a ‘cut’ in the dream and it was in the early 70’s/maybe 1969 or so and I was in this man’s/teenagers basement in the same neighbourhood…he was on a pea-green 70’s vinyl or leather 70’s couch, was wearing nave blue trousers and a long sleeve shirt with colours…cant’remember which ones & he had a dark red or light brown mullet with wispy bangs at the front. I stayed their for a very short time, and he looked much bigger than me, as I think must have been sitting down on the ground looking at him. He was listening to david bowie “space oddity” I think he may have been smoking a cigarette too, but I’m not sure. It really seemed like I was right there. Like I was time-travelling. Then I was on a bus…and some other incidents happened that weren’t necessarily related to the time travel…I asked somebody for a phone, and nobody seemed to have one…they has no idea what I was talking about. no idea whatsoever. Think I had to explain what a cell phone was. I was getting nervous not having a cell phone. The only thing they had back then was those old-fashioned rotary phones. Interesting thing is, I wasn’t even born then…way before my time. Interesting dream

  4. I frequently have dreams when I return to times in the 80s. I am not actually reliving events from the 80s. It is more new situations but they include people I have met and places I have been to in that decade. They seem so real at the time, and it is very bizarre. It feels like time travel to me.

  5. My experience was in the future and a battle happening and the cities being overrun by militias and armies everything was very odd

      1. Share them please because the same thing was happening and my lucid dream and I wanna if they are a sign

    1. Were the militias extra terrestrial With a sort of blue force field that made object pass through them like ghost instead of reflect off of them?

    2. I know this is a little bit late but I tend to have dreams, that leave me a sick feeling whenever I’m in a situation. I remember ignoring it since I usually start overthinking it and the next thing you know it happen in real life. I should have not ignore them though , since It left me in pain. It was an understanding situation but I guess I was naive. I just wish I realize sooner than later.

  6. I Too have started to time travel in my dreams. I have been into dreams and lucid dreaming for over 2 years now every so often I can luicd deeam but for the most part my work schedule messes with my sleep. Just in the past week I have had 3 time travel dreams but they aren’t like regular time travel tyese are more like extra dimensional (Alturnative realities existing at the same time) so in my first dream I was in 1985 one year before I was born. I was in a board shop trying to convince a skater he was going to be famous. I told him I couldn’t remember his name because its been I long time since I followed skate boarding. Then it came to me he was Daewon Song a skate board legend. I told he was so famous he would be in a video game everyone looked at me weird and I explained I was from 20 years in thw future when games were more advanced. So if I was from 20 years in the future that mean I was in my 18 year old body in the dream because im 28 now.

    1. Dreaming Time traveling to any date in the past gives me the feeling of water in my head I hate it that is why I have stopped doing it the next day I am sick, maybe its because I have re written time.

  7. I have had experiences of seeming to witness events in the past or in other places. These dreams are rare but very vivid & graphic (unlike most dreams).
    In particular, I refer to one such dream I had in the 1960s when I was about 10 years old, which was so clear and disturbing that it seems as real now as it was then.
    The dream may have been triggered by a history lesson at school but the detail in it was much too graphic to have been a result of that alone.
    It was set in what seems to have been the time of the dissolution of the monasteries during the reign of Henry viii. The place was at one of the abbeys or monasteries of the time and I seemed to be witnessing the arrival of one of the destroying ‘hit squads’.
    What followed was a scene both wonderful and very horrible. The monks of the abbey seemed to have been pleading with the soldiers to spare their abbey (understandably) and their way of life, whatever their reasons were.
    The soldiers hereupon decided to play a cruel game with the monks and promised not to destroy the abbey if any of the monks could defeat their champion in combat. The monks took up the challenge and the contest began in the large central courtyard of the abbey. The soldiers’ champion, armed for battle, set off on horseback at a canter, circling this central ‘arena’.
    The events which followed may have seemed faintly ridiculous or comical to a schoolboy, on the surface but I excuse myself in that I looked deeper into the situation and what I saw; as the knight, obviously well trained in battle, was challenged one at a time, by these brave, faithful souls, shaven-crowned and robed, wielding un-familiar swords; was a stirring sight and very sad, as one by one the monks were inevitably & mercilessly cut down until all were dead or defeated and the destruction of the abbey commenced.
    To this day I sometimes think about this dream & those poor monks and wonder where all the details came from. Could it be just schoolboy imagination or was I really ‘There’?

    1. You are not alone i to believe ive travled mutiple tmes just last night i traveled back to 1985 or 1986 then in 2006 I belived i may have just timed traveled yet again at least 3 or 4 times i have traveled from now to 1985 to 1986 and then again in 2006 2010 and i dont know how to get back to my own time i think someone brought me here to warn something or someone so i dont know and get this im 38years old now and havnt aged since time traveled happen on me and need o get back to my own time and place so if anyone knows on anything please tell me ill listen to every word thank you

      1. Trevor, I think that all experiences in life, whether ‘normal’ or supernatural, make us what we are and we should only try to be ourselves, learning from what life teaches us. TedRab

  8. I am 15 every night when I fall asleep I see a clock it either ticking foreword or backward if it is backward I will think the word stop and end up somewhere in the past oddly I am in another persons body and I look around I was 2 when nine eleven happened when my clock stopped there I was horrified it was terrible but to make it worse I was in one of the towers whoever body i was in I had control not just over the eyes ( that’s what I get usually) over the whole body simply put I didn’t know what to do I experienced death through someone else’s eyes it was horrible this was only last year that this all happened if the clock is going forward I will end up in my own body in the future I a. Yet to see what I do however or any moments of importance ( probably for the best anyway) this whole clock thing started when I was 8 about a week after meeting a friend who can cause orbs of invisible energy to be thrown at anything ( that is serious though so I don’t wonder why I am cursed like this and yes it’s a curse because all historic uncertainties I have seen most of them and no one believes me) and I know about the energy ball thing because one hit me once they hurt and mess with your mind possibly why I am cursed like this any way that’s all

  9. Since my Mom passed away, I’ve had many strange experiences including a dream where I found myself standing in my old bedroom from years ago. I look around and everything is so vivid – I see nick-knacks on my dresser and around my room that I totally forgot I ever had. Things looked so crisp and clear – It was amazing. Then my mother walks in the room with a bunch of laundry for me… I have the strongest sense of awareness that I must keep it to small talk, and that I’ve been given these few minutes to simply be with her. So I made small talk and helped her fold the laundry… minutes later, I woke up very bewildered and missing her and my youth very much. :)

  10. I time travel a few times a month in my dreams I go back in time and buy things cheap and I try to take things back with back with me, knowing this will never work but I always try . I try to remember people I have seen so I can look them up when I wake up but I don’t always remember it always astonishes me how powerful the mind is and the people you see in your dreams I love theses dreams and I am so lucky I have them .

  11. I have had dreams of time travel, always back in time, sometimes to my younger years, sometimes to a time when I was not yet born. They are VERY realistic, for example, I dreamed I went back to the early 1900’s, and the building I was in, the furniture, the clothing, the smell was all very old, but I was there. I love these dreams…..I had one recently where I didn’t realize I was back in the 80’s, except I was in school telling a fellow student how to get ahead in life, and I didn’t know what year it was, I kept asking people and they wouldn’t tell me, until I finally found out it was 1986, the year I turned 18. Those dreams I usually do try to tell people of events to come…lol, one of them I dreamed I was talking to a young Leonardo Dicaprio, and I was telling him how famous he was going to be….lol.. The one’s that really mystify me are when I go so far back to a time I was not born yet. How do I know what it was like? I don’t believe in past lives…..but it seems so real

  12. I had a lucid dream back in 2009 so real that it took place on December 31st 1977, at a house for a new years party I knew not a single person but they all knew me the dream was so real that I remember the ABC new years delayed programming for the New Years Event in NYC I even remember on the TV Promo for ABC Still The One playing. The room was so real even the liquor on the table I even inspected the J&B RARE and Johnie Walker RED Label Bottle the TAX STAMP on top of the bottle it was so real I could taste and smell but the dream did not last very long.

  13. My experience of time traveling was when I was the age of 10-13 or somewhere between because I remember that I was in 5th grade 11 years old? Anyways it was Saturday i didn’t remember that much on Saturday but I sorta slept or fainted then it was Sunday I was sweating i saw my family getting ready to go somewhere I asked my Sister where we were going she said” To the park”. And I said what day is it today? she said ” Sunday” my dad usually goes to work on Sunday’s so shouldn’t we have not gone to the park? Either that I remember it was summer. It was hot I think I was tired when I time traveled or was exhausted, but I think I cant time travel anymore. Really weird experience I had too, but now a days I have precognition dreams about the future.

  14. I had a dream. It was of when I was 6. That was the age my parents split up. What I remember of it was my Mum (Mom I’m from England) and Dad sat in my bedroom telling me we where going to be moving away. I asked ”Dad is coming with us too, though, isn’t he?” to which my Mum said ”Not this time.” And that was the end of my dream.

  15. In a dream, I traveled back to September 10th 2001 . I frantically tried to warn everyone about the events of the next day, I tried as hard as I could to prevent it to no avail. It went on to the next day and I felt horrified as I watched the attacks unfold, not only because of my failure to stop it but also because I forgot how real the whole day was. It felt like a bad dream to me when it actually happened (in waking life) and in the dream it felt more real than anything, as if some sort of veil was lifted off of my eyes and I could see just how horrifying it was… I still get this awful feeling when I think about that dream.

    Of course you can’t really travel back in time, it’s merely those rare instances when you try to deconstruct memories in dreams. I didn’t have a direct personal connection with the events that happened on 9/11 but I never felt more frightened in my life and I never really talked to anyone about it. It’s this personal terror I carry with me and the only way I can face is it is in dreams.

    1. by the way, It was quite lucid as well, there wasn’t that underwater feeling that everyone talks about. I only really get that sensation when I’m about to wake up or I’m becoming too aware. It was like I was there, the entire concept of my present existence (i.e. I’m from the year 2012 the year I had the dream) was known and I knew I was in the past and what else would an American (or otherwise even) time traveler do on Sept 10th 2001? But it almost felt like a mission from God or something, some higher power, like it was my calling to prevent it.

      1. I have heard stories about people who “just had a feeling” they shouldn’t go to the towers that day. I really think it’s possible that people like you who had that dream somehow did warn them and saved their lives. Maybe they were just the only ones that were sensitive enough to “hear” you. I hope it might make you feel better to consider that even though you didn’t save everyone, you might have been the difference between life and death for a few.

  16. last week i had a dream of time travel not of the past but some time in the future. i was with my brother at a racing event and i met someone through him and we really hit it off. we talked about taking things apart and making a new mode of transportation. he was the brains, i was the tester. through that new person i met 2 others a female and a male, but shortly after starting r&d he disclosed something to me that blew me away. he didnt show anyone else at the time but described to me that he knew we were supposed to meet and he knew the transportation idea was a success because he saw it in full swing. so he decides to take me with him to the future to see the fruits of our labor. it was amazing and yet so real. the things we working on and ideas in my head where a real tangible thing. an idea that the other 2 didnt take seriously. we are so excited that when we come back to the present that we wanted the other 2 in our crew to see what we saw and thats where things went bad. something was changed and someone brought back something they shouldnt have. it affected the time line and so me and the brains went to the future to stop said individual from bringing back something that didnt belong. it was in this we got caught in a loop of mistakes that were not my own but i realized everyone else was making. it was exhausting to see things slowly turn out worse and worse. and since it was a whole days time that had to be reenacted to full 24 i tried everyday the same thing everyday. i knew i was in a loop but in the events of the day i decided to change one thing, during the event of that day, i was supposed to engage in coitus with the wife. i ended up sticking her in the butt and through the butterfly effect when i came to the future i realized the worst had happened. wwf wrestler chyna had become a congresswoman and some butch woman was president and when compared to hilary clinton, hiliary clinton seems like one of the disney princesses

  17. I am fourteen but I keep having vivid dreams about the future. I remember wearing this weird full body suit and being in this futuristic building. I was walking around, totally amazed by everything around me and I hear someone approaching me and calling my name. It was a boy, he looked very surprised to see me but I never saw him before. He hugged me and says, “You’re back! I missed you.” Then I woke up.

  18. I had one. I woke up as my present self in 2012, at night, on a park bench. Trying to figure out how I ended up there I turned to my past self for answers. I visited my past self who did not even bother opening up the door.

  19. This happend 1 year ago
    I came back from a weekend of my father and we had many fun together!
    My dad left me on the bus to my mom every thing went fine!
    But a day before I was going to my father I had a dream of a funeral and in the dream it was all normal (not normal but a normal funeral) until I saw my dad standing behind a pillar and he looked normal but it was very creepy later on I knew for some reason (idk why but I just suddenly knew it) it was my dad’s funeral and he keept following me.
    Until I woke up and was scared that we dead really died because it velt so real so I called him and it was fine he literly sayed I am still alive and sayed/asked to someone I still don’t know if he was alive and she sayed he was still alive so we hang up.
    And the next was the weekend we had together that I already mentiont.
    The night after that weekend my mom and my step-dad woke me up my mom was crying and my step-dad told me that my dad died midnight of a hart attack so I was like are you joking?
    And sayed of course not….
    I was shocked and we where going to pickup my sister who was even more shocked while she didn’t really have a good bond with our dad.
    So we went to the hospital where we could see him for the last time (He was already dead).
    That was my strange time travel story I am still wondering if I could’ve stopped it.

  20. Last night I had a dream that I was present 2015 me but the time was somewhere in the early 2000’s. I went to my friends old house and explained the situation to him. Then I started telling him about historical things that had happened in the next 15 years. Then we went out and started seeing people we knew. Some believed I was from the future and some didn’t. It was really divided. Really trippy!!!

  21. Few seconds ago i dremt going back in time. Conciously talking to my father and convincing that i came from the future. But the strangest things were 3 of my relatives who died already was part of it too. And i was able to talk to my late aunt and warn her about her death and telling her what to do so she can avoid it, but she just shrugs it off.

  22. About a year ago I’ve had a dream about one summer where I was climbing a ladder to collect some apples. I looked down and there was a really beautiful girl smiling at me and I woke up feeling happy. And a few weeks ago, I’ve met this girl in real life (1st time) and I think the dream might come true in summer!

    1. This phenomenom, of meeting a future partner in a dream and recognising her years later, is not that uncommon. You will know. I wish you every happiness.

  23. I dream a lot, but I also never do anything extremely unusual than what I do in my real life. iI have had one time traveling experience in my dream. When I was 13 years old, my parents were going through some financial problems and we had just received a letter from the bank asking us to vacate the premises. We were almost ready to move out that week, when I met my father’s eldest brother (who has passed away before I was born). He was sitting next me on my bed and he told me that everything will be alright. Then he took me 3 or maybe 5 years into the future, and we were in the same house celebrating. I never told my parents about this dream, but strange things started happening. The court asked the bak to give us more time to replay the money. And 4 years later when we repaid the bank’s loan and they let go of the mortgage. Our entire family got together that day and there was a celebration just like the one I saw in my dream. Everyone was sitting on the couch and the chair, and for some reason, the chair on which my father’s elder brother was sitting on in my dream, was left vacant. I felt his presence.
    Since then a lot of my dreams have bled into real life. This was a good one, I have also dreamt of an unfortunate accident where a kid from my school passed away, and a similar incident took place 3 days after I had had such a dream.
    I dont know if these were co incidences, but I like to believe in a parallel universe and if there is a way to travel to that world, I would not mind doing so.

    1. Your brother is alive. They are not coincidences. God often shows his children whom he loves about the future, to comfort them, to show you that your brother, though he has died, because he believed in Jesus, he is still alive. God bless… Your father Joseph, who was the youngest of 12, was told that his family would bow down to him and honor him, but his brothers hated him and threw him in a well. The dream about the future comforted Joseph and God brought him from the status of a slave into the most powerful position in the whole land so that he could save his brothers from a famine an Benjamin his little brother. Joseph only had one brother by his mother, he was called Benjamin. When they met each other again after along time Joseph embraces his little brother and wept loudly and Benjamin wept and embraces Joseph. This is what will happen to you concerning your brother: You will meet him again, though you thought he was dead, he is actually alive, God sent him ahead of you, and he will embrace and weep over you and you will embrace and weep over him.

    2. I have long been interested in chi, or energy, as I am a martial artist. Through the years I have become more and more aware and conscious of the fact that my crude, physical body isn’t the extent of things. I am at a point where I do travel in my sleep, both geographically and through time (which physics tells us isn’t linear). I help people in extreme situations almost every night now. No one has been there to help me figure most of this stuff out…it has been trial and error. If there is anything I can do to help you sort through it, make it happen more consciously or frequently, I would love to help. :-)

  24. I had a dream where i was in the future and I stumbled into a diner. I had asked the waiter what year (I can’t remember) it was because it looked so strange to me and he told me. The rest of the dream in which I remember is that I was trying to convince everyone that I was from the past. It’s strange to me considering that it took place in a diner, which is most common within the year of the 60s and not the future unless diners come back into the future, a great example would be Steak N’ Shake because it’s a “diner” theme. No one believed i was from the past and that i needed help getting back, but then I remember going into something and it went black and i then woke up. It was so weird.

    The next dream i had, which was today, isnt really a time travel dream but a parallel universe one. In my dream, i was hiding from something and wound up in a parallel universe. it was basically like the life i have now, i worked at the same place, i knew the same people…but then, this girl came to me. The authority within the parallel world was looking for her. I helped her change her name, gave her one of my work uniforms and helped her blend in. The strangest part that gets me every time whenever i have these types of dreams is what then happened next. I don’t know if it’s because my brain knows it’s waking up, but i said to the girl and a guy that i was leaving the world because what i’m hiding from is gone, but i will try to bend time and space to visit and try to find them in the world i’m from.

    It was strange. I have many more similar dreams, but i thought those to were more vibrant than the others. My friend came up with a theory in which I might be a time traveler and when i dream, its basically my time machine, i could go to different universes or times whenever i dream.

    1. I am with you time Traveler I have been to the future too….mine are always end of world things….fires bombs titles ways….but I always end up in the future

  25. My Dream always connects In my Real World . For Example , I dream about playing with a girl in The mall, we played in the Catching Stuffs toy Machine or whatever thing it is , We are happily playing and catching stuff toy from that machine. Then When I woke up , i still remember her face but i set it aside , The hours passed and suddenly my friends called me , saying that they will fetch me and we will Bonding with each other . We went to the mall and chitchat a little , we went to the amusement parks inside the mall and my friends play there .. Suddenly i remember my Dream , playing inside the mall , when i look to my friends , they are playing that catching stuff toy machine . Also we are all girl in the group , i realized that my dream connects or giving me always a hint of what will happen . I have many dreams that connects in my present time so that’s all.

  26. I had a dream about me and the guy I like…….I was walking with him in the park (we where like in our late 20s even tho im a teen right now) and all of a sudden…..their was these children coming up to me and called me mom……we were having a picnic…..and after I got my dream,the guy I like has been nicer to me,and I had a dream before that,when I somehow was in a jumping balloon and we both fell and we kissed…..seems kinda odd to me.

  27. I have had many more lucid dreams that go into the future than I can count but I have only had one where I went back in time and when I see the future it’s always from my perspective and I can’t move on my own but the one where I went to the past was different… I could move and it wasn’t my perspective, but it is 2012, two years after the twin towers were destroyed. My home town just bought a piece of the first twin tower and they were going to put it up as a memorial back then my father was a state representative so he had me touch it and the instant I did my head was killing me. The pain was unbearable, and medicine wasn’t helping. We went home and I instantly fell asleep and then there I was, on one of the hijacked planes, 1st and 2nd class hiding behind seats (3rd class didn’t even know that anything was going on up front), some first class passengers were injured, 3 or 4 shot dead, a female flight attendant shot in the back, and the captains with their throats slit. Three terrorists on board, the hijackers and the gun man, had taken over the plane and I heard them say that “if all else fails, there are bombs strapped to the insides of some of the 3rd class luggage storage compartments and just as they are about to crash I wake up. I have never had a dream like that since.

  28. I have a recurring dream of being a WW1 pilot and a German one at that. It is amazingly real.

  29. Hi everyone. I wonder if someone might be able to assist. Sadly my mum died in January of this year and my father died when i was 4. Im 34 now. Last nite I had probably THE most lucid real feeling dream I’ve ever had. I drempt I found a time vortex above a shop, on the roof near to where Iive in Southampton UK. It wasnt anything you’d see in a movie, just dark clouds really. Anyway, I went through it and found myself back in time way before I was born (when my sister was 14 and she is 16 years older than me. I went into my family home and saw my mum and dad, alive and well and my sister sat doing her homework. I told them all about who i was and how i got there, specifically how, where, when and why my mum and dad die. I told them ways to avoid their deaths by giving up smoking and getting to the doctors sooner to get treatment and they promised me they would. I sat and helped my older sister with her homework and told my dad (died 1986) about major wold events, the internet, wars and technology developments that he didnt live to see. I also told both parents about all the life events since then until now including me being born, who my sisters would marry and pretty much everything that would happen from then on. They listened intently and promised to look out for these events and to do all they could to avoid dying. It was so real that i actually expected a call from them today when i woke up and was half tempted to take a trip to my old house to see if the present had changed and they were there. However, my fear of failure to change the past prevented me from having the courage to check it out. Does anyone know if dreams like this when we astral travel, can actually change the present or future?

    1. I’m sorry for all the loss you have gone through. I know it can color all your days and it’s hard to spring back from. My dad passed away a year and a half ago. He was a very unhappy man in many ways and had many regrets. I have had a couple dreams like yours, in which I “go back” and try to help him. For my part, I believe these are real occurrences that have a tangible benefit — even if they didn’t change his behavior in the past, I feel that my expressions of love and insight can effect his future. I don’t know how that works — reincarnation, or heaven, or whatever is beyond what we can see in our limited dimension, but I feel deeply that it has some positive effect. I hope this helps.

  30. Two nights ago i to was traveling time and space with my grandson alternating looking for his mother my daughter or my son. we were able to enter a new world or past time through a door. Instead of freeways there were hallways some were glass or some type of see threw material that literally went into space. the number 240, 232, 111, 222, 1211 or 1121 were on doors with any significance. we were even able to see dinosaurs threw one door. what does this mean?

  31. Last night I dreamt of my dead brother (he passed away in 2005). I remember asking him to take care of himself this time since he was alive now only because some weird fold of space and time. We were slightly befuddled because he was alive, but otherwise it was pretty much the same interactions we had before he died.

  32. I had a dream That both my sister and I suddenly woke up in 2010. It started in my dad’s car when it felt weird to be in it (since my dad sold that car after we moved) so I asked my other sister , casually about the date and she told me it was 2010. I remember I was scared in the dream, and I hoped that it was some sort of mind trick. The dream felt so real that I was actually afraid It’s not going to end. Everything about the past was terrifyingly accurate. I saw things that I didn’t even think I remembered, like my parents bedroom how it looked like 6 years ago. I remember thinking in the dream “if this isn’t actually real, then I’m impressed at how accurately My memory can recall these minor details”. Also, when I was looking at the pictures in my phone that i had with me, i saw pictures that I knew i was in but I was mysteriously absent from all of them. And when i went on Facebook, I found that I was friends with the people knew from college in the 2016, but they were acting high schoolish and how they were before we met. It felt like I was actually time travelling and the dream was the best I’ve ever had. I felt like I deeply plunged into my mind and memories.

  33. Timefish swimming the numinous ocean of convergence of dreaming minds, scavengers of incidents, devourer of hours, eater of years; where the bubble worlds blur, the playful games, always the games of explorations; hurled through your fractured timelines, soft realms of dream blunt the edge, take the scars in engine of intuition, some vague epiphany equation for even some shared creation as a temporal waystation, access transfer point for maximizing the timeshifts…

  34. This is the first time having a nightmare of anything of this sort and maybe i can get some opinions from others?
    I woke up at the 5th hour when waking up from this dream and i didn’t go to bed around 1 am, so I only had 3 hours of sleep i guess.
    All i can remember how it started was being in a strange black floating dimension as if i was in space, but there were no stars. Floating in mid space between nothing making me feel eerie, unknown, trying to find to solve a way to get out, panic, and other words i cant point out other than the feeling i am trapped.
    I am on my knees and there are long rows of hieroglyphs around and in front of me. My hands are are covering ears because there is a surround sound of screams that every time i try to read a row of the hieroglyphs, The chanting of screams elevates higher and higher and higher. It wasn’t just one single continuing scream. It was more of an opera of screams by multiple voices and continuous screams going on forever hurting my head and ears till I was screaming with them from the pain.
    Hope to get some opinions or share some your dreams.
    I just have to share my dreams and vent out to people sometimes.

    1. Early signs that you may A) Either be having a stroke or B) You might have an underlying thyroid disease that might have gone undiagnosed. In either case you should have those checked out and rule out any possibilities.

      1. I’m confused, how did you get to the assumption of those two different possibilities of a bad dream.

  35. Last night I had a dream about my deceased mom. I came back in time to warn her about her death. My grandmother who is still living was there also. I told her I came back in time to save her and warn her. I was crying and hugging my mother I told her not to eat the Chinese food she ate that day. That caused her great distress my mom needed a new liver but was doing better. She never was a drinker. What was interesting I told I couldn’t stay long I had to go back and the other interesting thing was she asked how I got here I said I didn’t know exactly but I knew whatever happened it wasn’t lasting long. This all happened this morning when I went back to sleep at 8 am. I woke up and hour later. I have this need to find a way back to her and tell her. Please any thoughts would be appreciated greatly.

    1. Hey Chris, I don’t know if past should be altered, but I do no that it’s okay to want to alter it, because you love your mother, and I know all things are possible with God. I also suspect that a man named Enoch may have traveled through time, Elijah and Moses have also appeared in a time long after their departure from earth. It’s recorded in the Gospels, which I think are valid primary historical sources. God may have taken Enoch through time. I don’t know for sure, but I do know that Enoch is a prophet and is not beyond reach and it is possible to visit him because he was taken away by God. “Enoch walked with God and then was no more, because God took him away”. Jesus says if you keep pestering the Father for justice he will certainly listen to you and give you what you want. I will pray for you. Perhaps do everything for the glory of God the Father and become nothing like Enoch, God took his heart, his mind and his soul and then his body away and then.. He lived in a time where everyone was evil all the time. Perhaps he was so much like God that he had mercy on him and took him away from ungodliness for his own righteousness sake. He became nothing, so God took him away.

      1. You don’t know how true what you told me is. Thank you. I have had dreams and visions all my life. That dream was just so vivid and real. I woke up looking for my moms contact in my phone. God is good. He will help me.

  36. Well, I also had a dream where I got to about 14th century and also to future 31century. I wish I could time travel back to 10th century. And also, thank you for sharing. And We can’t say, for sure, that it’s just a strange DREAM, who knows if it were real?

  37. After a while, lucid dreams become boring. Like you’re sleeping but you’re awake wondering; “what can I do to make this interesting, but not dangerous”. You want to dream, until your mind escapes you. Then, it’s all a surprise. Fun or not. . .

  38. DUUUUUDEEEEE!!!!!!! These dreams were given to you by the God of Abraham. I too have had dreams in pairs, just like you and the man in your article. I was reading Genesis today and EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN GENESIS WHO HAD A DREAM HAD A PAIR OF DREAMS. It starts with Joseph who had two dreams concerning his future, things that had not happened yet. They came true. And then later on Joseph interprets the dreams for a pair of Egyptian officials (Pharaohs cup bearer and pharaohs baker) who has two very similar dreams the same night. With the council of his God, Joseph explained that the dreams concerned each of their futures; in three day the cup bearer would be exulted and shown mercy by Pharaoh and the baker would be executed. In this case Joseph says, “In cannot interpret your dream, but with the help of my God who interprets dreams I will tell you what it means”. And then Pharaoh has two dreams that are very similar to one another. And then the cup bearer tells pharaoh about Joseph. And Joseph tells Pharaoh that God gave him two very similar dreams concerning the future of the entire land of Egypt so that God would establish them as important and official dreams from him. I believe those of you who have had provoking dreams, two that are very similar in subject matter, God has given them to you and they are important. Go to someone you know who is a good and who acknowledges that God is, and he may give you a proper interpretation. Don’t go to someone who doesn’t know God nor acknowledges his authority nor does God’s will, go to someone who knows God, fears him and does his will, because only he can understand the truth. Go to a good person

    1. I appreciate that you mean well, and I also appreciate your enthusiasm. But I would gently and respectfully ask that you reconsider that people who don’t resonate with a certain view of God are bad people. My entire life revolves around helping the community and increasing love and kindness in the world, though I have a different experience of God than you do. Thanks so much.

  39. My dreams have always been anomalies unto themselves, some seem ordinary, bound to basic things one may endure, and experience within our humble world in the waking life as I currently type. Others, ehh — not so much! I have found myself in the midst of unusual, unique, characters, and extraplanar dimensions respectively..

    One dream for instance was so bizarre, I was in some little shop, like a fantasy world/traditional workshop, void of any techno-gadgets or modern day flare(which was nice for a change!) But in this shop I saw a lot of hand carved things, specifically a really cool, esoteric looking chessboard and pieces intricately all carved from wood, the craftsmanship was magical, but when I looked at the price tag, the chessboard was to be bought in measurements…. Something along the lines of 12 and seventh/eights or strangely odd, I was stumped, and quickly went on browsing other trinkets only to find they were all priced in ‘measurements’ not what we know, or would really use as currency in the waking life. When I was absurdly dumbfounded I checked my pockets for any sort of currency, of course none to be found. And when I had the notion in my mind, within the dream to ask the shop owner, who looked like a dwarf, ‘How do I pay in ‘measurements’!? ‘ I was dissipated from dream world, and came to in the waking life…

  40. I was not even sleeping ,just laying looking to mirror on wardrobe.sudden i was on my old house,in my parents room,i tried to go back (i had now experience 3-4 time,at first I was afraid to see dead grandpa with family sitting together arround dinning table ,when i was too much surprised and confused and feared at that time i came back to room and wake up forcefully ),but i was not able to do so ,I tried to hit on wall with my hand to comeback or to wakeup but it didn’t work so I was afrid ,i would be stuck here forever,but i put up with it and tried get outside the room,I see my father on guest room talking with my family,i then go to my room tried to put up light but light was not working properly (like it was shorting or something) at that i came back but I saw A SHADOW MAN WITH COWBOY TYPE HAT AND CLOTH THAT COVER ALL HIS BODY(like magicians or like in harry potter ) he was just standing near at end my bed.Another time it was something strange tried to attack me but he was just thrown away(I don’t know how did it or what it was ).

  41. I need help, I don’t know who to talk to. I time travelled last night to 2033. I am still scared. My mom was older and my sister’s kids are all grown and it was my 16th years anniversary since I vanished. According to my sister. My dad had died and my mom was so happy that I returned but I told them that I just woke up and the weird part is that my kid sisters were older than me as I still look like myself. I rushed back to my apartment and behold I saw a stranger. This was the room is just woke up and my mom told me that the family I just met have lived there for couple of days. Everything had changed my elder is now bipolar. I wanted then to tell me what had happened in the past 16 years of Myour missing then suddenly I woke up. All shaken and Ithe feels so real. I check my time on my phone to be sure I was not really in the future. I even went outside to ask someone what year it was. And he said 2017. I’m still scared. My dad is still alive. Will he dis in the next coming year? What’s going to kill him? I had so many questions. Help please what does it mean

  42. When i was in high school, I had the strangest dream… I was in a prison and for some reason, I knew I was in Pennsylvania. I looked out over the yard and saw this extremely beautiful man. I was quite freaked out about it at the time because it felt *off*… I was living in California and had no ties to Pennsylvania. I told my best friend about it, journalled it, then eventually forgot all about it as I grew up and life went on.

    Ten years later, I moved to Pennsylvania (to follow a man) and wound up getting a job at a prison. All was well until one day, I looked out across the yard and my eyes landed on this guard….

  43. Just had a dream last night about traveling to mid 1980’s Brooklyn, NY, in the same neighborhood I was raised, Ronald Reagan was POTUS and the Gap Band’s “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” was playing on the radio. I was in a living room looking at one of those giant floor televisions with the knobs already missing, indicating that the TV was probably from the late 70’s. I changed the channel from 2 to 4 to 7 to 9 then 11 then 13 which were the only channels at the time. White noise was seen and heard in between the channels. It was so authentic. I smelled pizza and sabretts when I peeked outside. It was definitely summertime. There was smog and pollution too. I saw big Buicks and Oldsmobiles. Of course there were no cell phones or computers. I didn’t bother looking for a landline either. It was normal not to be on the phone all the time lol. The person in this NY railroad apt was someone I know currently in 2018 but I didn’t know her in 1985 so that was strange. She was in her teens. Currently she’s 50 years old! I was trying to convince her that I came from the future and she replied, “really? That’s awesome”, as if I were joking. Strange. The energy was real and it was of closeness and family. I reentered this dream at least 4 times throughout the night after waking from how blown away I was from this.

  44. I’ve had dreams where I see or hear that something is going to happen before they do. The two most recent incidents occurred in Dec. of 2016 & 2017. In the first I dreamed I got out of bed & looked out the window. Instead of seeing my backyard, I was looking out over a landscape I did not recognize. I saw a plane in trouble & watched it crash. It exploded & I knew no one had survived. I told my wife about it & we were both stunned when a few days later a Russian plane crashed in Syria, killing all 92 people on board. Last December, I had a dream that I was reading the paper & saw a headline stating that two police officers had been shot in St. Louis. I remembered that the headline specifically said “St. Louis”. I am from Delaware & have no connection to St. Louis. Once again, I told my wife about this dream so if it came true she would know my story was legit. A couple of days later, she was on the computer when she yelled for me. When I walked in the room, she pointed silently at the computer screen. The headline read that two St. Louis County police officers had been shot.

    I’ve had other dreams that warned me to take some sort of action. In one dream, a voice told me that I needed to buy a fire extinguisher. That day I went out & bought three, putting one in the kitchen. Two days later, our oven caught fire. I was able to put it out with the fire extinguisher. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t listened to that dream. One dream I did not listen to, cost me a lot of money. Bank of America was in trouble & its stock was down to $5 dollars a share. In a dream, a voice told me to buy a thousand shares of their stock, because they were going to bounce back. I didn’t want to risk it & watched with regret as their stock soared to over $25 a share in the next several months, causing me to miss out on a twenty thousand dollar profit.

    There are more stories, but I’ve gone on too long already.

  45. I just had a dream that I went back to 1995 and I had my young body. I told a friend of mine that I have a picture of my girlfriend who at that time was 18, I told my friend that I have a picture of her at the age of 40. I told him if she found out it would break her heart , because her photo of age 40 was obviously very different , I new she would not want to be portrayed in that way because she was so young and beautiful this photo would not express Young and beautiful to her . as for me , I was so happy to be given this chance to relive a life that I wasted with alcohol not saving for the future.I was ready to protect her at all costs. I guess I was telling my friend that I was from the future and I was given a 2nd chance. I was ready to change my life then I woke up. I stopped drinking 1 month ago I don’t have the urge to drink and my life is changing at the age of 44 it’s not to late, but 30 years of it, I was not 100% there .

  46. last night i had a dream that when i jumped from my balcony in the winter i came my five year old self in the year 2011 and i was with my mom i said asked her what year and day is it (it was normal foR me)
    i couldnt pronounce r im from finland so its harder. So i pronounced it and my mom was wierded out. I saw my old lego set that i had losed it i was happy but than i was in a nother time in 2011 and events similiar to that happened agan. It leaved a hole on me of remembering the mistakes i made in my past. I missed out awesome things. If you have a feeling like that please reply and tell your story:) (im not asking to like cuz its stupid to do so)

  47. You are right about what u explained here . Dreams are just dreams … I have been trying to understand for many years . I had a fall from building while flying my kite and hit sand ground lucky no major hurt caused . Sometimes when I dream i see those incidents as a movie me watching myself . And just like watching movie but i was able to feel everything like fear pain and all emotions perfectly what it was at that time .. in my opinion we do time travel while we dream … This is a different dimension which do not have time factor .. dreams are perfectly reflecting past present and future sometimes in respective of what timeline it belongs to … Nothing can explain why do we feel those emotions yet even though it’s just memories .. and coming to future sometimes we dream of meetimg some person in life while we have not met them before and a complete stranger … Sometimes we feel at the present time the incidents and those dialogues we are hearing or scenes we see looks like already happened or have heard same dialogue before as well. We will have that reaction “omg i have seen this elsewhere . I have these exact same words or sentence or conversation somewhere ”
    I bet everyone would have experience it

  48. i just experienced time travelling last night for the first time
    i traveled 3 years ago when i was studying i told my classmates that i m from 2019… in the strange thing i give them the exact date 7/1/2019 the administer call me and he said “we heard that you claims you time traveler” and i said yes and i give him some event well happen after 2016 some of them like ( the death of a teacher from a cancer – and some changes will happen to the college ) and that moment i saw him shocked i got scared and i tried to back to my time everything seems real the feeling even i checked if i was dreaming or not by locking at the watch so i tried to back to my time and yeah i traveled to 24/08/2018 i remember everything i checked my computer at my room and the funny thing i checked my bitcoin wallet and i m choked when i saw my bitcoin sill there .. that was before i sold it and last time travel i did i went to 2003 – 2005 i don’t remember exactly i saw myself as kid and my mom still young I’ve never saw her like that and then i tried to back to my time and i woke up wondering of what happened to me i checked the date and it was the present i m still shocked and wondering of what happened to me

  49. Last night I have a dream which is been come 2nd time…and I saw…me and my 3 freinds who are now in my college we were very successful one of them will die(reason I forgot) and this will make me to end the world and die me to due to because I am very upset… becausey freind dead because of me…and…then I push the button…to end the world our earth and the parallel earth would started moving in which…they will collide in next 5 min…as I will going to die one my freind say this is not the way..and him and I travel the back the time and…I saw we were back in 1 St year of my college and I have a sharp minded as I have in that world…which would I choose..and I do very impressive thing..and my teacher shocks…and he goes to ask a principal……but my freind ask to go to travel the time..and save our friend(who die.)..first I stop because we are talented at that time…at first he.. accept..but then he said me go back.. because we don’t have much time….then a girl I meet…was unexpected and does not exist…in my real world would also hold my hand as we travel back the…and her existence end at time traveling back to the time…( The main thing here to notice that…that girl I saw… would also come in my dream…and…I loved her…she would also…but there was only existence of her…in my dream not in real world..) then me and my freind would freind …that’s complete my dream. I

  50. I’m having some really strange dreams about the past and the future. In one dream, I was a soldier in WWI. I could see through this individuals eyes and I could smell the gun powder and the blood. I could hear people yelling and screaming for help.

    The next dream the next night, I was looking through the eyes of a child. I was playing outside with my brother in a field in the year 2021.

    Another dream I’ve had a few nights later, I could look through a woman’s eyes and she was making a cherry pie in the year 1890 New York City. I could smell the cherries. She was dressed in a long white and rose flowered dress.

    Each time I try to wake up, I see myself flying through space and when I wake up, it’s been four hours.

  51. 05/02/2019 6:30 AM

    In this dream.. (Another 6 of me also, but those 6 went somewhere else)…

    Future…… (“Myself” which is what I immediately called myself when realizing our names = Past & Present me).

    I got to experience the subjective knowing and objective knowing, simultaneously. I knew that I knew from hearing one of me say it, but also at that same moment, I had known it too. Experiencing the emotions and feelings of knowing by Subjectively feeling, and knowing by Objectively acquiring the knowledge. Both sides of the coin. If me Past was Blue and me Present was Yellow, then my own comprehension of simultaneously experiencing myself as myself & myself because of myself … Would be Green!!!!

    We all know at the same time that we are three individual people, we sorta look like sisters, I guess.

    I can only choose to save my life one time, during the past, present and future.

    “Myself” is a Doctor. And Present me said to Past me that “Myself” is about to become world famous, wealthy, and extremely successful.

    Have zero idea what this is. I remember seeing it and hearing it in my dream. That’s gonna make me wealthy…

    I (Past & Present me’s ) remember watching Future Me (myself) walk across the street in Some big city, like NY, Japan or somewhere… A lot of tall buildings. And Past says to Present, “because of Hollamalladay… ” wild

    05/02/2019 6:56 AM

    And Consciously we are all Self Aware of being Self Aware of being Aware of our Self (Selves). All at the same time, but with our different perspectives.

    It reminds me of a Circle with 3 evenly spaced lines extending out from the circle… it would look like a Mercedes Benz emblem. Or a Peace sign. :)

    Is actually hola mahalla day. A festival every year in March, originated in India.
    Hmmmm. It’s a real thing. Wild

  52. Yes I have traveled to the past and also I believe the future. To which the future I often visit much more frequently.

  53. Hey Rob,

    I did have a very strange dream last night. So basically there were portals would open up. Thought it wasn’t me making those portals but someone else was helping me and we enter and we were in different time. For instance, we entered in time of Dav Vinci , but of course it was after him cause his artworks were in an institution but very old and rusty place. People recognized we’re not from them and they started threatening us and we have so run and go back. So end up going to the late 1800’s.

    I live with my partner and it’s been only 8months I’ve been lived in this house, but those times were they were building this area very newly . Like, how this possibly be false memories? Like a house and a country I simply have no memories of throughout life but I could see how this suburb wasn’t built properly and in details?

    What do you think Rob and even other people who read this. It’s such a weird think because I can tell you this: before I fall asleep as well, I sensed like a energy around very strongly. Like I could feel another being around me, by my ears. And suddenly there was a robotic sound comes out and says “you called a wrong number!” Repeatedly. Then I fall asleep and the rest is what I told you.

    Love you peeps, please share your thoughts :)