Woman Sought To Be Surrogate For Neanderthal Clone

Geneticist George Church wants to clone a Neanderthal.

It’s not an easy process, and we’re not quite there yet (maybe within 50 years). But that isn’t stopping him from getting the word out. Namely, he’s looking for an “adventurous female human” to act as the cloned Neanderthal’s surrogate mother.

Any takers?

It’s not just Neanderthals, though. Dinosaurs, mammoths, all extinct species are on the table for Church, even if things do get a bit complicated. He’s also interested in modifying humans to be better, to live longer and even mix our DNA with other species.

My stance on cloning? It’s pretty weird. My stance on resurrecting extinct species and fiddling about with genetic engineering? Well, have you ever heard of a little thing called The Green Goo?

Update: Hey, they did something similar with salmon

Update #2: George Church has clarified that the original interview was misinterpreted, and that he’s not actually seeking a woman to be a Neanderthal clone surrogate. Is it weird that I’m…disappointed?

Rob Schwarz

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  1. Earth’s gravity grows because the planet grows. The tallest land creature today is the giraffe at 17′. If it was any taller,it’s heart would not be able to lift blood to it’s brain. Earth is about to have a growth spurt, which will increase it’s diameter by 5%, with the corresponding mass and gravity increase.

    Large body humanoids would have a very difficult time on Earth today because of the heat generated just by walking, in our gravity. Large body humanoids have a harder time cooling their body because volume is proportional to mass and volume increases as a cube while surface area only increases as a square. This means that if a being gets bigger, his volume/surface area ratio increases and it is more difficult to shed unwanted heat. As planets get older, the inhabitants get smaller, usually over millions of years.

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