Booms, Hums, And Rumbles: Strange Noises Recap

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Noises In The Sky

Last year, reports of strange noises swarmed the Internet, mostly in the form of YouTube videos. Some were clearly hoaxes, while others left us musing about the apocalypse and audible electromagnetic waves.

It’s been a while, though. Is it still going on?

Before we explore that question, here’s a quick recap:

  • Twitter Users Report “Roaring” Noise. In 2011, a roaring noise was reported (on Twitter) to have preceded the largest recorded earthquake in Oklahoma history.
  • Is The Earth Crying? A collection of YouTube videos of the strange sounds. Oh, and the weird theory that they could be some form of alien mind control.
  • Are The Strange Noises Electromagnetic? It may be possible that some of these noises are electromagnetic waves that are somehow being converted into audible sound waves. Maybe.
  • Songs Of The Apocalypse. More on the possibility of electromagnetic waves, solar flares, and information regarding “The Hum,” a strange phenomenon in which some people have a greater sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies.
  • Wisconsin Rumbles. In March 2012, strange booms and rumbles were reported in Wisconsin, along with a boom in Canada that may have destroyed a barn.
  • The Windsor Hum. Residents of Windsor, Canada are plagued by a mysterious humming noise, which may originate from Zug Island. Problem is, people living right next to Zug Island don’t hear a thing.
  • Michigan Booms. An unexplained tremor occurred in the middle of the night in May 2012.
  • “Unworldly” Hum In West Seattle. Another mysterious hum, this one in Seattle. Strangely enough, some residents claimed the hum was always there, and scientists even suggested that it was caused by the amplified mating call of male midshipman fish.
  • Listen To The Earth “Sing.” Finally, a short post on the Earthsong, the natural “chorus” of our planet.

Strange Noises In 2013

Strange Noises In The Sky
Image: Flickr/Wonderlane via CC by 2.0

Wow. Looking back, that’s quite a few posts, and I wasn’t even following them that closely. But are these strange booms, hums, and noises still occurring?

Well, yes.

Just recently, the following stories of strange booms and particularly unexplained explosions have surfaced:

  • Loud booms in the evening in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Reported to shake houses. Police sent to investigate were unable to locate the source.
  • Explosions heard also during the night in Evansville and Indianapolis, Indiana. Some residents claim the booms have happened every night for several days, similar to the occurrances in Michigan and especially Wisconsin. Check out this video taken on January 7, allegedly of orbs in the sky, and in which you can hear the strange noises. Couple this with a wonky Doppler radar, and the Midwest is living up to the name of Haunted Heartland.
  • More booms in northern Utah. Apparently, training at a local Air Force base was to blame, though some aren’t buying that explanation, as they claim there have been a series of other booms that remain mysterious. One resident claimed it “sounded like thunder,” while another “felt it very strongly.”
  • Shocking explosion in North Hollywood. A very loud explosion was reported in North Hollywood on the night of January 8. The story popped up on Twitter and Reddit, with the local community wondering just what had caused the (apparently) massive explosion.

Some of these surely have reasonable explanations, but there you have it. Mysterious booms and noises, particularly at night, are still happening.

If you’re interested, the websites Strange Sounds in the Sky and have a bit of a chronicle of strange noises going on.

I’m sure there’s a lot more out there.

Have you heard any strange noises, recently?

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  1. If you’re interested, here is a link to a website that holds a timeline of bizarre happenings across the world. In particular it pays close attention to unexplained fires and chalks it up to piezoelectricity (the charge that accumulates in certain solid materials). Its a bit new-agey but, if you can look past that its fascinating. There are quite a few articles on here dealing with “the hum”

    Another curious item is this site, which has a laundry list of unexplained fires, explosions and deaths. Each link on this site takes you to a news article or something similar.

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