A Minecraft Sunrise

Herobrine: The Phantom Doppelganger Of Minecraft

Let me tell you a story about Herobrine. If you’ve never played Minecraft, it’s a game of relatively endless possibilities. What began as nothing more than virtual LEGOs has evolved into one of the best sandboxes ever created, selling over 4.5 million copies. You can build, fight, excavate, explore. You’re limited only by your imagination, …

The Phobos-Grunt Probe Comes Home Early

Russia’s Phobos-Grunt probe hasn’t fared well in space since it launched in November. It was stranded as soon as it reached Earth’s orbit, and now appears to be falling backwards. Unable to make the trip to Mars, Phobos-Grunt will return to Earth later this month, perhaps around January 16. So watch your heads. Again.

Mars Gale Crater

Has President Obama Traveled To Mars?

At the age of 19, President Barack Obama went by the name of Barry Soetero, and he had been to Mars. At least, that’s what two self-proclaimed “chrononauts” are alleging. Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings are claiming that President Obama was part of a top secret DARPA operation in the 1980s. Together, Basiago, Stillings, …

More Blackbird Deaths Herald The Dawn Of 2012

It’s happened again. Last year, 5,000 red-winged blackbirds were found dead on New Year’s Eve, their lifeless bodies littering the roads and fields of Arkansas. Yesterday, thousands more were found. The original story in January of last year set off a bit of a panic, you could say, a media blitz involving multiple reports of …