GravityLight: Light Powered By The Force Of Gravity

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In developing countries, people often rely on kerosene lamps for lighting after night falls. While this is effective, its fumes are harmful (“equivalent to smoking 2 packets of cigarettes every day”) and bad for the environment.

But without reliable access to electricity, they really have no choice.

Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves, however, hope to solve this problem with GravityLight, an extraordinary new LED bulb powered by gravitational energy.

“With GravityLight…it only takes a few seconds to lift the weight, which creates enough energy for half an hour of light, whenever it is needed. It has no batteries to run out, replace or dispose of. It is completely clean and green.”

GravityLight works much like a pendulum clock: the user lifts a 20lb weight attached to the device, and as it slowly falls, driven by gravity, electricity is generated. This force powers the LED, and it can even power or charge other small devices.

There are no batteries involved, either; the LED is powered directly. And, because gravitational energy is effectively free, there are no costs beyond the initial purchase.

The indiegogo funding campaign is currently underway, and they’ve already reached their initial $55,000 goal, which will allow them to manufacture their first batch of 1,000 GravityLights. WIth more funding, they’ll be able to develop accessories, manufacture more lights, and pursue research for a “more efficient” MK2 light.

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