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“Time Anomalies” Reported On Argentinian Highway

On Monday, December 10, 2012, a translated report was posted at Inexplicata of an alleged “time slip” incident on a segment of National Route No. 5 in Argentina.

According to the article, two men have reported multiple instances of disorientation after traveling on the road from Catrilo to Santa Rosa. This is something that’s happened to them at least three times. Even stranger is the unexplained “missing time” involved in these reports. They would experience the disorientation, only for it to pass minutes later, leaving them confused by the distance they seemingly covered while unaware.

As translated by Inexplicata, one of the men reported that “they were chatting normally at one point and suddenly became disoriented…but upon reacting, they realized they had covered several kilometers without any memory of doing so.”

Apparently, this isn’t the first “time anomaly” that’s been reported on this stretch of road, and others who may have experienced such a phenomenon are asked to file a report with the Centro de Estudios OVNI de La Pampa (the Center of UFO Studies of La Pampa). Inexplicata, meanwhile, is a great source of otherworldly reports from several Spanish-speaking countries, updated regularly since it was established in 1998, and is well worth a look!

Highways and other stretches of road are often involved in bizarre paranormal encounters. Similar time anomalies, if that’s what they are, have occurred in Texas and Louisiana, to name just a couple.


Rob Schwarz

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