Chinese Man Constructs “Noah’s Ark” To Survive The Apocalypse

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The Mayan Apocalypse Approaches
Image: Flickr/Karen Roe via CC by 2.0

When it comes to the looming Mayan apocalypse, some people are fine with just buying some bottled water and canned goods. Others are a bit more serious, building bunkers and stocking up on ammo.

A Chinese man, however, has spent his entire life savings — ¥1million, or £100,000 or about $160,000 — to create an “ark,” which he hopes will allow him to survive the apocalypse scheduled to occur on December 21, 2012.

You can check out pictures of the craft at the link. It’s a bit rough, but should do the job if the Mayan doomsday turns out to involve a flood.

For his sake, I hope he’s right.


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