Distance: Race to the Beat of the Future

Flying cars? Check.

Futuristic vistas? Check.

Thumping, electronic soundtrack? Double check.

Distance is a new project by Refract Studios, part of the team who created a nifty little futuristic racing game called Nitronic Rush. It’s actually the spiritual successor to Rush, with the same gravity-defying gameplay as its predecessor, and it looks to add a whole lot more.

If it reaches its Kickstarter goal, that is.

They’ve only got four days left to go, and right now they’re at a cool $100,944 out of $125,000. That’s close, but they could be closer. I hope they make it.

Nitronic Rush
Image: Nitronic Rush

I’ve always been a fan of futuristic racers, you know. Wipeout. F-Zero. Extreme-G. That one game on Dreamcast. They’re awesome. Honestly, if you’re a fan of the same, check out Nitronic Rush (you can download it for free) and consider tossing a few dollars their way.

These types of games are a dying breed. Every bit helps.

Rob Schwarz

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