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Speaking of Minecraft, I get a lot of hits these days from people searching for either the default Steve Minecraft skin, or a Herobrine one. They probably leave disappointed.

So (and I’m very close to entering off-topic territory here, so I apologize), I thought I’d just fix that problem real quick.

Here’s the default Steve skin. He’s your average Joe Steve, with a turquoise shirt and purple pants (he never was one for color coordination):

Default Minecraft Skin

And here’s Herobrine, his evil doppelganger:

Minecraft Herobrine Skin

They’re jumbled up pixels here, but upload them to your account at the Minecraft website, and you too can look like, well, Steve. Or evil Bizarro Steve. It took me a long time to make that Herobrine skin, too; filling in two black pixels with two white ones is a delicate process.

And now back to our previously scheduled program, currently in progress…

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