DARPA’s Pet-Proto Robot Learns To Navigate

“In this video, the Pet-Proto, a predecessor to DARPA’s Atlas robot, is confronted with obstacles similar to those robots might face in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). To maneuver over and around the obstacles, the robot exercises capabilities including autonomous decision-making, dismounted mobility and dexterity.” DARPA: Keeping you terrified of the future since 1958.

Olaf Jansen And The Smokey God

Book Review: Olaf Jansen And The Smoky God

The Smoky God, written by Willis George Emerson and published in 1908, is a retelling of the strange adventures of Olaf Jansen. Allegedly based on a true account and papers shared by Jansen on his death bed, the book recounts, in swift detail, his voyage into Earth’s “inner world” through an opening at the North …

New Study Suggests Humans Can “Sense The Future”

I’m not the biggest believer in the paranormal. I think most esoteric topics are interesting — time travel and witchcraft seem to be my current favorites — but I also think they usually have a rational, scientific explanation. That doesn’t mean weird things don’t happen. Take the “sixth sense,” for example. I have no doubt …

CHARLI-2: Today Soccer, Tomorrow The World

CHARLI-2 is a “cognitive humanoid autonomous robot” designed by Virginia Tech’s Robotics and Mechanics Laboratory. Last year, he won first place in the adult-size division of RoboCup. If you don’t already know, that’s the World Cup of soccer for robots. Here he is performing his preemptive victory dance before he takes over humanity.

Roswell Aliens?

Ends Of The World: First Contact

In Carl Sagan’s novel Contact, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) gets exactly what they’ve been, well, searching for: a communication from an alien civilization. In fact, they receive a series of communications. One is a repeating signal in the “universal language” of mathematics, the first 261 prime numbers. Another is a retransmitted broadcast of Adolf …

The Large Hadron Collider As It Prepares To Eat Earth

Woman Tries (And Fails) To Shut Down Large Hadron Collider

A German woman has failed to successfully shut down CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), after taking her case to court and claiming that the particle accelerator would generate a black hole, swallowing Earth into oblivion. Her claim went before a German court on Tuesday, where it was rejected citing “no evidence to doubt the correctness of …