British Police Officer Encounters Strange Light

Last month, a British police officer was on night duty, patrolling the streets in Worcestershire, central England, when he came upon something rather peculiar: a “suspicious bright light” emanating from the other side of the Clent Hills. He immediately called his sergeant. He was going to investigate those hills, he told him, and uncover the …

The Omega Point Theory

Simulated Immortality At The End Of The Universe

Immortality is a strange thing. Even if humans one day unlock the ability to live forever, all life must inevitably face the end of the universe itself. Or does it? Believe it or not, there exist certain peculiar theories that would promise humans immortality, despite the ultimate death of the universe. These theories, unorthodox as …

Google Maps Anomaly: A UFO?

Google Maps Anomaly: A Colorful “UFO” Amongst The Clouds

I don’t post about UFOs much anymore, mostly because I don’t find them all that interesting. But weird stuff on Google Maps? I’m all over that (for some reason). This strange, UFO-shaped anomaly was spotted in Google Street View by Andrea Dove as she searched for directions in Jacksonville, Texas. It looks like a flying …


The Mysteries Of Stonehenge

It has been described as a “domain of the dead.” Perhaps it existed as a place of worship or healing, or a funerary monument of some kind. A temple to the Earth deities, built by ancient druids, or an astronomical observatory that served as a calendar. Stonehenge, above all else, is a mystery.