Missing Woman In Iceland Searches For Herself

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Let’s take a break from all the sciencey science and missing birds and head back over to Iceland for a moment, where something slightly odd happened last Saturday.

Tourists had just finished exploring the volcanic canyon Eldgjá (the largest in the world) and were back on their tour bus, ready to move on to the next stop. But after a quick head count, they realized a woman was missing.

Police were called to the area and about 50 people participated in an extensive search, but it ended abruptly when they discovered that the missing woman hadn’t been missing at all.

“… the search was called off at 3 am when it turned out that the missing woman had been on the bus all along and even participated in the search for herself.”

Apparently, the woman had changed clothes before getting back on the bus, and simply hadn’t been recognized. In fact, the woman herself failed to recognized her own description — she was the missing person!

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